Juju Chang was born on 17 September 1965 in Seoul in South Korea. She is also known as Hyunju Juju Chang. She was born to Okyong Chang and Palki Chang. Her childhood was spend in California as her parents migrated to California in summers of 1969. She received her graduation degree way back in 1983 from Adrian C Wilcox School.

Since her childhood she had been fond of swimming and since, she was born under the astrology sign of ‘Virgo’, she had been used to perfection and excellence in everything she does. The addiction of perfection made her represent her country in swimming nationals.

Later she went to Stanford University and received her Bachelor’s degree in political science and communication in 1987. She also had a very strong academic background and that was evident during her academic course in Stanford University and she was the proud winner of Edwin Cotrell Political Science Prize. On 2 December 1995, Juju Chang tied knot with Neal Shapiro. After the marriage she gave birth to three kids and raised them along with her husband. Later in 2011 she along with her family moved to Manhattan.

Coming to Juju’s profession life, she started her career with ABC News in 1984, even before joining Stanford University. She was promoted to an ‘off-air reporter’ in 1991 where she was assigned the work of producing live event coverage. One of her well known assignment had been reporting the US presidential elections of 1992 and another famous assignment was where she reported Gulf War in 1991.

In 1995 Juju decided to quit ABC news and after her resignation she moved to KGO TV where she was given assignment of covering state news. KGO TV was an associate of ABC News and Juju was working for KGO TV in San Francisco. In 1996 Juju took up job with another affiliate of ABC TV. This time it was News One in Washington DC. This was the time when she covered the US Presidential Elections of 1996.

Later in 1998, Juju associated herself again with World News Tonight. She covered a lot of exciting stories this time. Some of them were quite controversial like Chernobyl nuclear disaster where millions were effected, other stories were terrorizing like one such event which she covered was Bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. With growing popularity Juju joined ABC News’s Good Morning America in December 2009. She was the only Korean American who was ever given an important role on a US news show.

In her long career with ABC news, Juju received numerous prestigious awards. She received her first award in 1995. The name of the award was Alfred I DuPont award and she received this award for doing a series on women’s health. She had also been the proud winner of not one but two Gracie Award along with three Emmy Awards. She also received a Freddie award for her excellent work in health and media. Juju’s salary is not public but her net worth is estimated to be around 300 thousand US Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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