Born in the year 1958 on 21st September, in Hartford situated in Connecticut, United States of America, Derrick Allen Mahorn spent most of his childhood days growing up in Connecticut. There is no information available about his early life or his childhood days. He seems to be a shy celebrity who doesn’t like to share his personal information with the world. There is also no information about his parents or whether his has any siblings or not.

The elementary school he went to or the high school he attended is also not known. He belongs to American nationality and has a height of 6 ft. 10 inches with a weight of 109kg. His interest in basketball was ignited a very young age and he started playing basketball during his college days. He attended the Hampton University situated in Hampton, Virginia, United States of America. By the time he completed his graduation, he became National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II for three years. He also was chosen for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics All-American during that time.

After his graduation, he went on to join the Detroit Pistons. His skills and amazing play led his team to win the National Basketball Association Championship in the year 1989 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Some months after the winning the championship, he was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves during the expansion draft by the National Basketball association. The manager of the Detroit Piston tried his best to get him back to the team but was unable to do so.

Rick was also very disappointed due to parting from Detroit Piston and didn’t play well for the Minnesota Timberwolves and was finally chosen by the Philadelphia 76ers. He along with the famous player Charles Barkley went on to lead their team to several victories and became very good partners during matches. After being with the Minnesota Timberwolves for two consecutive seasons, he then went on to play in the Serie A of Italian league in the year 1991. After this, he went on to play with the New Jersey Nets and stayed with them for almost four consecutive years.

After completing four years for the New Jersey Nets, he went on to rejoin the Detroit Piston in the year 1996. He played with them for some months and then again went on to join the Philadelphia 76ers. After this, he announced his retirement in the year 1999. After his retirement, he became a commentator for the Pistons radio broadcasts. He was also chosen for the team Detroit Shock as their assistant coach and helped the team to win several championships. He then went on to become the coach of the Detroit Shock in the year 2009.

Talking about his personal life, he is married to Donyale. His family consists of his wife and their six children. He is a loving father and an amazing husband. In the year 1999, he even went on to win the Hartford Celebrity Dad because of his loving nature. His biography is available on various sites and his net worth is expected to be very high.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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