Charming women from the world of sports, which have proven themselves through the hard work and to the people around the world how much they are strong physically and as individuals. Some of them are gay and they are the example of openness to the public inspiring others to be who they are, motivating other people in sports and becoming their idols.

One of these basketball stars is Sheryl Swoopes. Sheryl was an Olympic Gold medalist for three times. She is also one of the Top 15 Players of All Time and get to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. She announced that she is a lesbian in the 2005. She said "It doesn't change who I really am. Being intimate with woman never entered my mind". Previously she was married to her school friend and she also has one child. She lives together with her partner Alisa Scott and son.

The second lady is Brittney Griner, who is native of Texas and currently is professional player of Phoenix Mercury team. She publicly came out that she is a gay during the interview in the 2013. Standing tall more than 2 m she said "It's very hard always being picked on for being different. Just being bigger, my sexuality and other things". In addition to her basketball career she is also working with children and tries to pay attention to the issue of bullying, particularly against people of LGBT sexuality.

Another famous woman Angel Lajuane McCoughtry is a basketball star of Turkish Women's Basketball League. Angel said about her sexuality on social web sites when she posted her photo along with her bride in the 2015. She also wrote "We been discriminated against! We lost friends! Parents and family members are very upset because of this and said that I disgraced my religion! But love is a great feeling".

Seimone Augustus in the member of United States national team and was named All Starr player for a five times. She is also openly lesbian who was engaged to her soul mate LaTaya Varner in 2010. Seimone says that she wants her own strong family with many children. Currently she is a very successful player who earns massive salary and net worth.

The last one is Sue Wicks, she had her breakthrough career from 1997 to 2002. Being the forward player she was basketball star in New York Liberty team. Currently she is a collegiate basketball coach. She was one of the first ladies who discussed sexual orientation in the basketball association. Once speaking about discrimination she said "I know how many players are gay, it actually would be easier to count the straight ones". She many times discussed that WNBA promotes those ladies who are mothers. "I like it, but it will be great to see a couple of women especially if they had strong relationship too, just to show that in a positive light. People are needed the examples of these women, it’s changing public attitudes and inspires to be not afraid of condemnation.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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