Vera Jimenez is the traffic reporter and meteorologist of KTLA5 News at 6 and News at 10. She is also famous for her Emmys and Golden Pylons.

Personal life

Vera was born in Mexico. She spent her childhood in California from an early age of three. Her family still lives in Garden Grove. She took up Bolsa Grande high school for her early schoolings. She attended community college. She then took up degree in Cal State Long Beach and got graduated with honors in religious studies.

She is said to be married but, she has not revealed any information about her husband, including his name. She has very limited social media activity and thus, there is nothing that we know through her social media pages. Some rumors say that her husband’s name is Brian Herlihy. Brian is a partner in a seafood restaurant. No information about her personal life including her dating experience and wedding was shared with the media when she was dating Brian. She has never brought her husband to any event nor has she revealed any pictures of him. But, she mentions him vaguely in many comments using pronouns or tags him as ‘husband’.

Somewhere in the middle of 2015, the tweets stopped. She stopped mentioning about her husband. This brought out rumors of separation. Many stories were born out of no concrete proof. There was no news about any marital fight or divorce proceedings. With no concrete proof to justify, these rumors stopped growing. Vera has still not talked about her husband in any tweet but, it is assumed that she is still married.

Vera was never married or engaged before. She was never a part of any celebrity relationship in the past. She led a quiet life with her career as her first priority. Apart from Brian, none of her past boyfriends became popular. It was assumed that she was not interested in dating yet and there were no rumors about her sexuality.

Details about her childhood, parents and siblings are not known to the media. It is not known whether she holds a good relationship with her parents or not. She has not mothered a child yet. Her net worth is 350 thousand dollars and there is no information about her salary. With her keeping numb to media, there is very little chance that we will be knowing about her personal life in near future.


Vera started her career in KIKFM as an intern. She then worked for KFWB-AM, KNX-AM and others and then joined KABC-TV. While she was working there, she took up a course in Meteorology from Mississippi State University and got her certification in 2009. She is currently associated with KTLA. For her work, she has been awarded Emmy twice, Golden Pylons thrice and Golden Mikes thrice.

There is not a lot that we know about her career goals and milestones. She keeps her future plans to herself. She is assumed to have a good rapport with her colleague at KTLA and thus, it can be believed that there will be no huge change in the career front in near future.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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