Anne Curtis was born on 17 February 1985. She was born in Victoria in Australia. She was born to a Filipino – Australian couple. She is also addressed as Anne Ojales Curtis – Smith. Her father’s name is James Ernest Curtis – Smith and her mother’s name is Carmencita Ojales. Her parents married each other in 1982, 3 years before she was born. It is also known that her father is a lawyer in Australia and he also fought in World War II. Anne had two siblings, both sisters. Name of her younger sister is Jasmine who is an actress while her second sister passed away in 2007. Reason for her death was known to be a deadly cardio-vascular disease.

During her childhood, Anne used to visit her maternal house in Philippines. In 1997, during one such visit, Anne was approached by a man who promised her family that he will make arrangements for Anne to appear in a beauty pageant. Her father was not convinced by what the man promised and he thought that it was all a scandal to extort money. But Anne’s mother was convinced that it was not a scam and she took Anne to several talent seekers. This is how she got a chance to enter TV industry.

Anne’s first role on TV was in 1997. She was given the role of princess Dahlia in the movie, Magic Kingdom. Anne’s starts started to shine in year 2004 as from that year onwards she got a lot of promising role in movies and shows. Some of the movies which she did in starting of the year 2004 are ‘Majorly Life Changing’ and ‘Hiram’. She was really passionate about her work and she was then awarded a role in ‘All about Love’. And later in 2008 she was featured in a show called ‘When Love Begins’.

She also acted in a couple of Philippine shows and she was also featured in a few solo concerts. This was all during the year 2011-2012. In March 2015 she got an honour of representing her country, Philippines, at UNICEF. Anne appeared in over 50 TV shows, 27 movies and 4 albums in her career till now. And what’s commendable is that because of her sheer hard work and passion for acting, she won more than 50 awards and tittles. She had also been featured in a lot of magazines for her beauty and her work.

Anne’s long term boyfriend recently proposed her and they were engaged this month i.e. December 2016. It is reported that her boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff works as a food blogger and he also owns a restaurant. He is also the brother of the well-known actress, Solenn.

Anne’s annual salary is estimated to be around 46 Million US Dollars and it is also widely known that she is one of the highest paid actress in the World. Her net worth is estimated to be around 145   million US dollars. No doubt, Anne is really passionate about her work.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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