Dan Lebatard was born 16 December 1968 in New Jersey, USA. He has been an outstanding student all throughout his life in school as well as in college. His parents are primarily from Cuba but they exiled from there as there were too very political tension and the wanted to live in a peaceful place. His mother name is Lourdes and his father's name is Gonzalo.

He has two siblings. His brother is an artist who works in Miami and is professionally named as LEBO. His career started after he did his schooling from Chaminade-Madonna Collge Preparatory. He passed with flying colors and later go enrolled in the University of Miami to do his graduation. He completed his education in 1990 when he got a degree in politics and arts.

Soon after completing his education he got a job at the Miami Herald which is a very famous and well-known newspaper based in Miami. He writes the sports column and dis pretty good at it. He hosts a radio show as well which is quite famous. He is known to have a sense of humor that is very different from the conventional. He asks some very uncomfortable questions from his guests. He is known to be very fearless and talks about topics that are very rarely talked about in public space. This is through to be the reason for the popularity of his radio show. He has been surrounded by controversies from time to time due to this. His podcast has been success so far.

He is likewise a very important part and contributor to the ESPN network as he hosts and researchers for many of its programs. He has been currently featuring as a guest on The Sports Reporters and Outside the Lines. He also hosts College Gameday. The show that he regularly hosts is called Pardon the Interruption. His catchphrase is Bam which is used most of the times when he is happy.

In 2011 he started to host a show called Highly questionable on ESPN which increased his fame even further. He has a really good sense of humor for which he is known in the TV industry. He has had his fair share of controversies as well. He has been banned by BBWAA after some election controversy that saw his realization get sour. He has been once known to mock LeBron James for his switch from Miami to Cleveland. He took a billboard that said " Welcome James" after he left the Miami heat.

There is very less data available on his personal life. He is known to be married man but his wife's name is not known. He is very well known in the sports field for his cheeky commentary and writing. He is still 50 years old and there is very much life left for him to make a mark in the world. He earns quite a lot of money through advertisement and working at Miami Heral and ESPN. His net worth is not known.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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