Linzie Janis is a professional journalist in America. Now, she works as a correspondent at the ABC news channel. She is a leading personality and has achieved a lot of success in her career.

Personal life

Linzie Janis was born in Schaumburg which is situated in Illinois. She was an ordinary child like many others and was brought up by her biological parents. She was very good in studies from an early age. The way to her career has been quite smooth due to her merits in the social affairs. She had an interest in the daily affairs and also loved to interact with people. She had a knack of knowing new things. Her unique sense of humour fetched her, a lot of popularity in her life.

After finishing her school education, she achieved a degree of graduation in the subject, journalism. She completed her graduation in London from the University of the Arts London. She did very well and came up scored good grades at the university level! This excellence in academics, fetched her a good career opportunity. She never shared anything regarding her personal life in her career. The media knows about her wedding. She recently got married to John Ferracane who is a successful broadcast producer of Good Morning America. Her recent posts on the social networking give proof of her happy married life. She is quite successful both in professional and personal life and never shifts her focus. It is only due to her determined focus that she is enjoying a high net worth from a very early career. She possesses great professional qualities which is still main reason behind her huge number of followers on social sites.


Janis’s journalism career started in the year 2013 and has remained quite successful till now. She has covered many worldwide events which became the breaking news on the television channel. Besides, covering other popular stories, she is also a news anchor and hosts many popular shows on ABC News such as Good Morning America, World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline, 20/20. Her story covering in the year 2016, regarding the bombings and attacks in New York and also regarding the earthquake which took place in Ecuador, secured her a great position in her career. She had covered all the aspects of these stories including, people's suffering which fetched more sympathy of the common people and thus increased her career position.

As Janis always had a certain interest in social affairs, she also worked with them. She had covered some social issues like sexual harassments and ragging in universities and colleges, which are posing serious threats, to our nation. She had covered almost covered all the sections of these stories and had touched people's sentiments. In this way, she had gained a lot of support and popularity from the people and social mass. This factor had supported her a lot to go further in her career and to achieve her career goals.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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