David Muir is a journalist in America and he is anchor for ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. He works for News department of ABC broadcast –television network which is found in New York. Muir was before an anchor on weekends for the ABC News flagship broadcasting.  He acted like the principal substitute for World News with Diane Sawyer during weeknight and he was able to succeed Sawyer in the Anchoring chair in 2014.  For his journalism, he won some Academy Awards with Edward R. Murrow Awards for both his work in United States and overseas.

David Muir is among the most visible American journalists and he was the reporter who was most used in the entire history of the ABC News. As Tyndall reports, the reporting got most airtime in 2012 and in 2013. TV Week said that he is among the 12 people to watch for the TV news and for the TMZ, which is a celebrity news website which had called him Brad Pitt for the News anchor. He was listed from the People Magazines to be the sexiest Man alive of 2014.

David Muir is 40 years old and he has many fans. The girls like him and he has too attractive eyes that many women consider to be sexy.  Some women give more attention to his attractive but not the news he gives. However, he can also attract many people with his personality and compliments.

David Muir personal life is kept away from the public so it is not clear if he has a girlfriend, a wife or if he is gay.  Because the public do not have the information about him, there are some rumors that he may be gay. He has an associate who some people thought to be his boyfriend but after sometime it was found out the associate is married. He is always trying to keep his private life away of the people and he tries his best to make sure that none knows too much about him.

His shirtless images went viral in the past and you only have to search over the internet if you want to see them.  Every woman wants to be with him because of his amazing body and the height of 5ft 10 inch, he is able to win the heart of many people. His image is worth the time to look for it and they increase the fans especially ladies on daily basis.  He did a plastic surgery in order to have his nose which looked crooked to be perfected. Some people also say that he has some work done on his cheek and chin and on his ear.

Even if the information about David Muir’s salary is not known, his net worth is believed to be over 3.2 million dollars. Even if he made it big after sometime, he is known to have struggled for 5 years after the graduation as a reporter and anchor for the WTVH television. In addition of the reports that he makes from different areas of life, the interview he made with Mitt Romney got the National headline. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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