Kay McGrath

Kay MacGrath is a television presenter and a well renowned journalist at Seven News in Brisbane in Australia.  She is a co-presenter of Rod Young. She is known to confront many community issues. She is a campaigner for to opposition to stop the child abuse. She is the patron of the organization known as PACT which means Protect All Children Today.  She was the ambassador for the Abused Child Trust.  Together with everything she does, she served in the committee where she was the chair for the Child Protection Week Activities in the Queensland.  She is a vice-patron for the Breast Cancer Association of the Queensland and she fights against breast cancer.  Kay is a married woman; she is the responsible mother of two children. Her children are Nicholas and Joseph.  

Kay is the iconic television presenter and she is an award winning journalist. She appears as the co-anchor of the Seven News Brisbane in the Australia. Before she was the news caster for the TVQ-10 Brisbane and afterwards she became the part of the Seven News Team since 1989.  Kay MacGrath covered much exceptional coverage which includes the on-site after the cyclone, Brisbane airport hijack, the Innisfail Fitzgerald inquiry and others. She has also covered Sunshine Coast for the Aftermath of the death of the Steve Irwin.

 Kay MacGrath had appeared for the 7 news on 6pm each Friday with Saturday nights. She is a popular icon for the television arena and Kay is a well respected and recognized news presenter in the Brisbane. She is the sought after television personnel to watch in the Queensland. She is known to be a sincere newscaster and he has enough experience when it comes to present the news and the shows.  She brought-forth too many interesting investigations on the screen and on the initial reports for the investigation and this included the Fitzgerald inquiry.  The Fitzgerald was about dealing with the corruption in the telecommunication tapes and she also covered the Brisbane airport hijack. Because of her exceptional coverage, she got the Logie Awards. Kay uses extraordinary efforts and the hard work in the entire media which include radio station, television and newspaper.  In addition of everything, Kay had served as the co-presenter of many documentaries which deal with the social issues.

According to the bio of Kay MacGrath, she was also in charge of the documentary reports and this included Behind Closed Doors: Child Abuse in Queensland.  Besides becoming the journalist, Kay is the active participants and she is always involved into the participations and commitment in the breast cancer and she is remarkable and wonderful.

Kay MacGrath’s age is not known. While she was on the TVQ-0, she was presenting the national breakfast for finance and news shows known as the TVAM at the Seven Network in the year 1988 from the Sydney to the Kay in the Seven News Brisbane team. She has always distinguished herself in her reporting career. Talking about her co-presenter Rod Young, people say that they look like an old married couple when they are together. You can follow Kay MacGrath on her twitter account. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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