Stephanie Abrams

Stephanie Abrams is a famous American television meteorologist. Her fame skyrocketed through the ceiling thanks to her live reporting for winter Olympics in 2010. Currently, she is working as the co-host for the America's Morning Headquarters with Jen Carfagno and Jim Cantore from 6AM to 9AM weekdays.

Stephanie was born on 27 October, 1978 in Wellington, Florida, U.S. where she was also brought up. Other sources list West Palm Beach, Florida as her hometown. The general lack of information concerning the meteorologist’s early life and education leads us to leave her High school education a mystery. What we do know for sure, however, is that she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in geography minoring in mathematic, from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

One of her most honorable moments as a college student must certainly be her election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society the oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences in the United States, with 286 active chapters – still considered today to be to be the nation's most prestigious honor society. As if one B.A and a minor wasn’t enough Abrams moved on to her second degree. This degree was a B.A. in meteorology from Florida State University in Tallahassee in which she graduated cum laude. As a result, apart from the Phi Beta Kappa community, today she is also member of the National Weather Association (NWA) and the American Meteorological Society.

When asked about her decision to become a meteorologist, Abrams answered: “I’ve always loved all scientific disciples. One of the reasons I chose meteorology over all the other sciences was because I grew up in Southern Florida and saw the horrific destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew firsthand. I couldn’t believe that wind and rain could cause such damage. I wanted to understand how that was possible and was curious and impressed by all things weather”.

In her early life, she started stepping the stones of success. At the beginning, she lived in Florida with her parents for some years and after they divorced each other then she lived with her mother. She was very active in studies and a cheerleader during her school time. After her graduation she practiced on-air forecasts and teacher’s assistant at FSU.

In July 2003, she started working for on-air weather channel. And as it usually happens good-looks, hard work and talent don’t take a long to pay off. She became an on-camera meteorologist as co-host of Abrams and Bettes: Beyond the Forecast by 2006. Today, after anchoring and co-hosting several shows such as Wake Up With Al and Weekend Today, Abrams co-hosts the America's Morning Headquarters show and sometimes also fills in for Roker on the Today show.

As far as her personal life is concerned, there are not many details publicized as she does not like to disclose information about her personal life. There is a report from several yet anonymous sources that she is married to Mike Bettes though the relationship was considered still to be fresh. The same sources report that a divorce was filed not long after the marriage.

The alleged couple did not have any children and their whole case remains a mystery to this day. One thing is for sure; their on-screen chemistry was evident. Other than that, Stephanie did not reveal anything about her personal relationship and her marital life. There is not any commitment from both of them about this affair. There are many rumors that Stephanie has a boyfriend, but it is still a mystery. Furthermore, there are some misconceptions about her marriage because there is not any source to confirm anything about her wedding.

As per reports, Stephanie got pregnant with her husband that is still a mystery and has not verified till now. It is said that the baby was born after the legal separation. However, both Stephanie and Mike did not confirm or deny this rumor. There is no proof about any legal separation between Mike and Stephanie and thus there are no news about alimony and other details. Mike is inert to the media when it comes to the rumors about him and Stephanie and thus his side of the story is not known to the public.

There was a rumor that their network did not approve at all the concept of a married couple working together and that this was the reason for the separation. At least there are no rumors about either one of them cheating on the other. Mike got married later and Stephanie is still single. There are a lot of rumors about her dating her co-worker, Jim Cantore. Neither of them have accepted or denied this rumor. Since there is no tangible proof this information still remains a rumor. There are no evidences to prove that she even dated Mike. They allegedly went on a date every Tuesday evening, but there are no proofs to confirm it. Turns out that every now and then she gets caught in some kind of affair or rumor.

Though she states to be single, the rumors about a secret relationship are still on the table. Unless this secret guy comes out and statea that he is dating Stephanie, it would be a rumor till the end, like her marital rumor and pregnancy story.

But other than rumors, Abram’s biography can be found on The Weather Channel’s site. There she has listed that orange and blue are her favorite colors, she has two healthy plants and a kombucha scoby that she has managed to keep alive and Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday. She also said, concerning a question about what she likes in her job: “Educating, being in the middle of all types of weather, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing all I can in life. I also love how the weather is constantly changing and enjoy the challenge of forecasting”.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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