Ken Shaw is a well-respected Canadian media personality and news anchor who has won numerous awards for his work.

Life as a News Anchor

Ken started his career in anchoring in 1979 as a reporter for CTV Toronto. Before getting into television reporting, Shaw worked with CHFI-FM, a radio station that was located near his residence.

Ken Shaw has worked as an anchor for various news programs. Some of his notable appearances were on Nightline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and the CTV News Channel. Ken Shaw is an expert and considered as an excellent television broadcaster.

Starting in 2001, he became the co-Anchor for the top news broadcast in Canada for CTV News during the day and evenings.

In 2014, Ken Shaw celebrated 35 years of service with CTV. He was honored and complimented for his service to the industry and community.

Family Life

Nancy and Ken had seen each other more times than they could count even before they started going out. It was Ken who finally worked up the guts to ask her out to a charity ball, Somehow, Nancy fell for his charms the very first night, even though there was no candle-light dinner, or a walk along the beach

The courtship went on for a year with both travel junkies traveling all over Canada and the Bahamas. Initially, they decided to elope because they wanted a ceremony for themselves. It was difficult because the day was not an entirely happy one, there was a family funeral that needed their attendance.

They eventually made it to small country church where their wedding took place. The only people present were just the priest, a sister-in-law and a brother in attendance. The next stop was France, a dream destination for lovers. They stayed in Paris for a while with friends and headed to Rome after. It was a honeymoon worth waiting for and was the start of a beautiful marriage.

He has been happily married to his wife, Nancy for a long time. He was love struck when he first met Nancy. Since both had already been previously married, the two already had children from their previous relationships. Nancy came into Ken’s life with four children. Ken, on the other hand, had three children from his previous marriage. It is clear that the two put their previous marriage lives behind them and have since then worked towards building a combined family of their own. Their children were able to get along even though were pretty much like the Brady Bunch. It was a situation that had no issues because of the strong parenting skills of Ken and Nancy.

Ken swears by that Nancy is his best friend and that they both benefited from getting married later in life. According to him, they knew more about themselves, and also what they wanted from a relationship, by the time they found each other. It also helps that they have so many shared interests, golf being the first and a cherished shared passion.


Open to Grooming the New Generation

A new journalist named Jasper was given the chance to interview Ken on the set of CTV to get a glimpse of the media world. Jasper was very excited and nervous to meet with Ken, “We sat down in his office and he asked me a few questions about why I’m studying journalism, and what I hope to do. He quizzed me on who the mayor of Toronto is, the Prime Minister, the previous Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario, it was quite calming actually. He, unsurprisingly, had the news on his TV in his office. He’s always been fascinated by the news. We chatted for a few minutes before he had to go do the noon news. He took me to the control room where I watched the first half of the news. Someone came and got me halfway through and brought me to the studio to watch the rest.”

Ken gave Jasper a tour of the set but most important he showed the ropes to an aspiring journalist.

A Man Who Gives Back

Shaw has had a lot of personal and financial success from his anchoring on news channels, but this hasn’t kept him away from his community. He follows the golden principle of giving the society more than he has received. He spends much time and resources in supporting non-profit organizations, charities and the community events. With a great journalism career on his belt, Ken always tries to find time to set aside to take part in social events such as charity functions.

Ken is associated with two charity Organizations as a director, Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Canada and ProAction Cops & Kids. Ken’s directing role at charity organizations seems to be a natural part of him since he was the director at The HinksDellcres Centre and The Duke of Edinburgh Awards prior to his current director role with the Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Canada and ProAction Cops & KidsWhitby Abilities Centre deals with individuals with special needs, Ken served as the organization’s Chair in 2012. He has no issue with being the leader of an organization that he believes in.

The famous anchorman has played a big role in making this world a better place. Ken’s track record and heartfelt gestures towards the less fortunate have not gone unnoticed. On January 25, 2010, Ken was declared to be a team player of Order of Ontario. Aside from the Order acknowledgement, Ken was also honored by Oshawa Community for his capacity to be a giver.

Ken has a strong passion for golf and he has enthusiastically participated in many tournaments. In efforts to exploit Ken’s love for playing golf, Ken and his wife decided to help the needy in the process. The two have been able to organize an annual golf tournament that raises money that is then directed towards improving community welfare. His community service is just brilliant and he has received a lot of praise for all the service he has bestowed. He is a great example of a person who doesn’t forget about people and tries to raise the spirits of everyone he is around.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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