Lynn Colliar

Early Life and Education:

Lynn Colliar was born November 22, 1967, in St. Andrews, Scotland but grew up in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Colliar graduated from Terry Fox Secondary and went on to attend college at Simon Fraser University. She went on to graduate from Simon Fraser University with a Biology degree. Colliar has always loved animals since she was a young child and would eventually pursue a career with animals. 

Colliar worked as an assistant at veterinary clinics for seven years which shows her passion for animals. After her seven years in the veterinary field, she enrolled in a two-year Broadcast Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Lynn Colliar went on after graduating college to pursue her career in journalism as her dream was to be on television. Colliar's first job was at Global BC in 1991 where she worked as a news writer. She eventually moved up to be a full-time reporter for Global BC and from 1998 to 2001 she was the only morning news anchor earning her a lot of experience in front of the camera. Colliar single-handedly anchored the Morning News for Global BC where she covered various political topics and current issues. On September 10, 2010, Colliar's career as an anchor on Global BC's morning news came to an end.

Two weeks after leaving Global BC, Colliar started a new job as Senior Investigative Reporter for News Hour. She stayed with News Hour as a crime scene reporter for eight years. Aside from her career as a journalist, Colliar pursued acting and even landed some small roles in some major motion pictures including the "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" in 2008, "Watchman" in 2009, and a horror film called "The Tortured" in 2010. Colliar also appeared as a reporter or an anchor in several local productions such as "The Killing". Her performance earned her critical acclaim from both critics and her fans.

In 2005, Colliar was inducted into the "Terry Fox Wall of Fame". She also received the "Excellence in News Reporting Award" from the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters for her own production titled, "A Shred of Evidence". In her production "A Shred of Evidence", Colliar shows how intricate scientific details are when pieced together to lead to convictions in major homicide cases. She also co-produced, wrote, and reported on the "Know More" community forum which deals with awareness of home invasions against the elderly. Colliar was also a part of the "Raise-a-Reader" campaign.

Colliar is known for her work ethic which has set her apart from her competition. She achieved success in all of the fields from being a veterinarian, an actor, and a journalist. Her success her various fields took her to the peak of her career.


Personal Life:

Lynn Colliar had a daughter with her partner Glenn Ennis in July 2011. The same year as the birth of their daughter, Ennis proposed to Colliar at a New Years Eve party. She accepted his proposal and they were married right then and there at that New Years Eve party. It was a complete surprise to Colliar who was not expecting the proposal nor for her New Years Eve to be so special. Ennis had planned everything all the way down to her beautiful wedding gown to inviting friends and family without anyone even knowing there was going to be a wedding. Colliar was at work while Ennis was preparing the surprise wedding and she was tired when she got home from work.

The couple already had their 6-month-old daughter Teagan waiting for her at home but she had no idea what else was waiting for her. The New Years party turned into a very memorable night that took her breath away when Ennis got down on one knee and proposed to her. With great delight, Colliar accepted his proposal and the wedding ensued. Colliar later described it as an ambush wedding but she has been happily married to Ennis and feels blessed to have a beautiful young daughter. Colliar's daughter Teagan is an IVF baby and she was 43-years-old when Teagan was born. It is typically difficult for women to conceive at that age and she had many miscarriages before and after Teagan's birth.

Once, Colliar shared her fertility story on live television during Canada's Infertility Awareness Week which took place from May 24 to May 31 of 2014. Colliar was also a member of "Castle in the City", an event which raised awareness for infertility and hosted a gala to enjoy live entertainment and dinner while raising awareness for those whose fertility is affected by cancer treatment. Colliar has had the ideal marriage, especially when compared to other actors and journalists who frequently divorce and remarry. Colliar has made her marriage work and her fondness for animals followed her throughout her years.

The family raised two dogs as well, a Mini Schnauzer and an Irish wolfhound. Colliar has been active on social media, especially her Twitter account. Her passion was not limited to journalism, acting, and her love for pets. Colliar also loved to travel anywhere and everywhere, and these frequent outings meant that she would get a lot of time to be with her loving family. The desire to travel and adventure in her free time was in her blood. She often enjoyed riding and hiking in the mountains with her daughter Teagan, her husband, and the family dog. She considers this as her way to refresh, relax, and rejuvenate when she is not working.

Being a famous journalist, actress, and a veteran, she was also an essayist, as well as a co-maker and communicator on the group" KnowMore". Her real professional career in Journalism helped her to a great extent in her movies. Her multiple talents lead to her gaining a passionate fan base that cares for her very much. The 50-year-old shows no signs of retiring anytime soon but she has kept any future plans close to the vest and has not shared them with the rest of the world yet.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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