Carol Costello

Carol Costello is an American journalist and news anchor who debuted her career on CNN and gained her recognition through her hard work on the network. On February, 2017, she moved to anchor a show on HLN.

Costello was born on October 11, 1961 in Minerva, Ohio, USA. She went to Minerva High School and then to Kent State University where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Journalism.

After her graduation, Costello worked as a reporter for a short time at WAKR-TV, Akron, Ohio. She won an award for her skill on police and court reporting. She then moved to WSYX and WBNS 10-TV, CBS affiliates of Columbus Ohio. She was a principal weeknight reporter for these channels. After her stint with CBS affiliates, she joined ABC affiliate, WJLA-TV in Washington DC as an investigative officer and reporter. She did a praiseworthy job for ABC covering the September 11 attacks. In 2001 she left ABC to join CNN.

At the latter, she worked as an anchor at CNN Headline News but soon after her marriage in 2004, she moved to New York and worked at the New York City branch of CNN. She was a part of CNN’s team that covered the launch of the space shuttle, Ohio midterm elections, shooting of Virginia tech, The Russian school hostage crisis, the December 2004 Asian tsunami disaster and the hurricanes Charley, Ivan, Frances and Jeanne. In her wide career, she has interviewed four Presidents, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton and she may have covered their inaugurations as well. She later moved with her husband to Baltimore, Maryland.

Until very recently, the elegant and beautiful Costello was a weekday news anchor hosting the mid-morning edition of CNN Newsroom. She was also the host of The Situation Room, CNN Daybreak and American Morning. But on January 30, 2017 it was announced that she will return to HLN to anchor a new show. It goes without saying that the air was hard to breathe on her last day as a member of the CNN. In fact, she couldn’t help her tears after Jeff Zucker released a statement expressing his “infinite gratitude” towards her. “She is all heart and grace, and the epitome of a seasoned journalist, making her the perfect fit to join HLN’s powerful bench of reporters,” read his statement.

Carol on the other hand mentioned that her leaving the network was something that she chose to do for personal reasons, in order to move with her live. “Before I thank you for joining me this morning, I would like to share a big life change with you. Friday will be my last day at CNN. I’m not leaving the family though, I’ll be heading to Los Angeles to anchor a new show on HLN. This is a personal decision and it was extraordinarily difficult; it was like cutting off my left arm,” she said.

What was even more surprising in this case was that Castello then turned directly to her viewers, a move that is rarely seen in such occasions and even more rarely embraced by others. “Last year my husband snagged a fantastic job in Los Angeles at LMU and I kinda miss him. I don’t want to get too emotional, but I will miss you too,” Costello said. “You have made my job easy because you’re so very engaged, you talk to me when you spot me on the street, you yell at me, you hug me and I love that. You fill my social media with your thoughts and you watch, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Overall, the long-time CNN anchor has an illustrious broadcasting career. In recognition of her work and talent, she has been nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Program. She won a Peabody Award for CNN for her coverage of the Gulf oil spill, the 2008 presidential election, Barak Obama’s inauguration and hurricane Katrina. In 1991 she won an Emmy Award for specials on crack and cocaine. She has also won a UPI Award and several Associated Press Awards. Carol was nominated to carry the Olympic torch in Atlanta for the Atlanta Olympic Games.

When it comes to work, she has proven more than once that she is a dynamic woman who can always achieve the goal she has in mind. But even more than that, Carol has also proved that she follows the same concept in life as well. An incident stands to prove that point, where she was mugged in Atlanta while walking down the street, talking on her iPhone. While trying to fight off four youths, one of the men apparently grabbed a chunk of her hair. It left her afraid, shaken and angry.

Similar incidents reported by ABC were cited as Apple Picking. The stolen iPhones were sold for over a thousand dollars. She is known to be an outspoken person. Her television interviews are highly interactive and she has clashed with the personality, she interviewed. In October 2012, she abruptly, to be precise in just four minutes, concluded her interview with Bryan Fischer, spokesperson for American Family Association, for his continuous spewing of anti-gay sentiments. She focuses attention on women issues and bullying.

The stunning beauty was married to in 2004 to Dr. Timothy Law Snyder. Soon after their marriage, the couple moved to New York. From there, she along with her husband moved to Baltimore, Maryland. She has not disclosed whether she has is still married or gone through a divorce. Costello has no children. Strictly professional in her work place, she gets along well with her co-anchors. She also states to be a Die-Hard fan as well as a lions and tigers lover.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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