Rudi Bakhtiar

Rudi Bakhtiar’s full name is Rudi Bakhtiar and she is a renowned Iranian-American Journalist and a television news host. She is a descent of the Bakhtiari tribe on the both sides of the family. The relatives of Ms Bakhtiar include leading political figures. Even if she was born in California, she spent most of her young age in Iran and she returned in United States in 1979. When she received the Bachelor of Science in the University of California, she started her career with the cnn in the year 1996.  She was later the primetime anchor of CNN headlines News. In 2001, she was the prime person in the live coverage of the terrorist attacks that targeted Washington DC and New York. She is recognized because of her accomplishment and excellence in the Iranian-American community.  After years at the CNN, Ms Bakhtiar left the network in order to care for her father who was sick. She returned to the journalism like a reporter working under Fox News Channel in the 2006. She served as the advisor at the Voice of America.

Rudi Bakhtiar father died because of the oropharyngeal cancer in the year 2005. She has a young sister and a young bother.  The last Prime Minister Iran called Shapour Bakhtiar is her uncle. Bakhtiar family went to California when she was yet to be born but when she was five they went back to Iran.  The family went back to USA when she was 17.  She likes to ride the horse, to go for whitewater rafting, snow skiing, waterskiing and water painting during her free time.  Other things she likes include tae kwon do, Yoga and tennis.

Rudi Bakhtiar attended the University of California and she got the Bachelor of the Science in the Biology in the 1990. She was planning to be a dentist and she had already been accepted to the New York University in its dental department. However, she had some reservation when it comes to the Career Discovery Program from the Harvard School of Design. In the year 2009, she was the official festival judge of Noor Iranian Film Festival in the Los Angeles.

Rudi Bakhtiar got the Iranian American Republican Council Achievement Award because of her recognition for the outstanding achievements, accomplishment and excellence in the Iranian American community.

Rudi Bakhtiar was believed to have an affair with Steve Overmeyer. Steve, who was married during that time, is believed to be looking for the divorce court. When the fiancé of Rudi discovered this affair, he ended the engagement.

Some people say that she did not leave CNN on her own but she had been fired.  While at the CNN, she was the producer of the CNNfn and she helped to launch different business programs in Hong Kong for the CNN international before she started her on camera position.

Rudi Bakhtiar is well known figure in the Iranian community in America and she was the Mistress of Ceremonies of the Gala of Iranian American Technology Council. She has a twitter account where her fans can easily follow her.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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