Sheryl Swoopes was born on 25 March 1971. She was born in Brownfield in Texas. Her childhood was spend in Texas itself with her parents. Her mother’s name is Lousie Swoopes and it is widely known that Sheryl lived with her mother during her childhood. Sheryl has three brother. She completed her schooling from Brownfield High School. It is also known that she started to play basketball at the young age of 7. Later Sheryl joined South Plains College. After studying the college for two years, she took the transfer to Texas Tech in 1991.

Sheryl married Eric Jackson in 1995 and after the four years of marriage, they decided to file a divorce in 1999. She met Eric in her high school. In 1995, Sheryl also went public about her sexual orientation by announcing that she is a gay. She gave birth to a son while she was married to Eric and after getting divorced, she raised her child along with her live-in partner Alisa Scott. In 2011, Sheryl came in lime light again after ending her relationship with Alisa. Later she decided to get married again and this time her husband was Chris.

1993 proved to be a lucky year for Sheryl as she led her team to victory during NCAA women’s basketball championship. She is still known at Texas Tech because of her numerous records during her tenure in the basketball team of the college. During her graduation, she was also honoured with Naismith College Player of the Year award.

After completing her education, Sheryl represented USA in 1994 World Championship. The team finished third there and returned with a bronze medal. In 1996, Sheryl participated in Atlanta Olympics and secured a gold medal for her team. In 2000, she again secured a gold medal for the team during the Sydney Olympics. The winning streak continued as the team again won a gold medal in 2004 Athens Olympics.

Sheryl had been famous for her hard work and her dedication towards her team. She also led her team to victory in the 4 world cups that she played in. the first victory came in 1994 in the form of a bronze medal, consecutively, the next victory came in 1998. In the 1998 world cup, Sheryl’s team played in Germany in the finals and they secured a gold medal. 2002 was again a lucky year as the team secured a gold medal in the world cup. 2006 World cup proved to be a little slow as the team could only win the Bronze.

During her career, Sheryl had been honoured with a lot of awards like Honda Sports Award. She decided to take retirement in 2011 and after her retirement she decided to take up a position of basketball coach. Sheryl’s annual salary is calculated to be a little less than 100 thousand USD per year and her net worth rockets to be nearly 228 thousand USD. She lavishly leads her life.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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