Kevin Pereira was born on 28 December 1982. He was born in San Leandro in California in United States of America. His childhood was spend in California itself and there is no information about his parents but it is known that his parents had their ancestors in Portugal. It is known that he had been really talented since his childhood days. He completed his schooling in California and for his graduation he went to Academy of Art University. The university is based in San Francisco and it was reported that Kevin got a scholarship after he enrolled for the course of film and television production in this university.

Kevin started his career at a young age of 14. He got an opportunity to host a show called ‘Pointless Audio’. The show was all about making prank calls to strangers and the show was an immediate hit. Kevin was given a fake name for the show and he was addressed as ‘Captain Immy’. Kevin also worked in a short film and because of his indigenous work in the short film, he was honoured with California Media Festival Award. There were in total 3 awards given to him. This proves his passion towards his work.

After graduating from the university, Kevin started to work at a network administrator for a local ISP. He worked there for 5 years and then in 2002 he started working as a production assistant. He was working for He also got an opportunity to host the famous show ‘Attack of the Show. Later he also got an opportunity to host a quiz show. The name of the show was ‘Let’s Ask America’. He was featured as a host of the show till 2014. Kevin had also been fond of publishing podcasts. Kevin publishes his own podcast along with his team under the name Super Creative. The podcasts that are published by the team are highly popular.

Later in 2013, Kevin got an opportunity to host another show ‘The Young Turks’ and he also anchored the live streaming coverage of the famous gaming platform Xbox which is owned by Microsoft. He not only anchored the shows for Microsoft, he also got an opportunity to anchor the show for its competitor Nintendo. He got an opportunity to host the World Championship organized by Nintendo in 2015.

Kevin has a really charismatic personality and he is really handsome. He is a dream man of every girl. He started dating Meg Turney in 2010 but their relationship didn’t last long. Kevin broke up with his girlfriend in 2012. In 2013, Kevin decided to live with the famous actress Brea Grant. It is known that Kevin really loves his partner and is really happy with her. As per the reports, he has got no plan to get married. Kevin’s annual salary is not known and his net worth is estimated to be around 3 million US dollars. Kevin’s net worth speaks of his success.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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