Rachel was born on 28 August 1980. She was born in South London in England. It is known that her father migrated from China to Malaysia and later he migrated to United Kingdom when he was 16 years old. Rachel’s mother migrated to United Kingdom from Austria. Her parents met each other in London. After the marriage, Rachel’s parents had 2 children so Rachel also has a younger sibling whose name is Michael Khoo.

Most of the Rachel’s childhood was spend in South London except for the 4 years when she lived in Bavaria. She had to move because of her father’s job. Rachel completed her schooling from London and she enrolled herself in Central St Martins College of Art & Design. It is known that she enrolled there for a course is art and design. Apart from English, Rachel is fluent in French as well as German.

After completing her graduation Rachel started working for a fashion retailer but she was not happy with her job so she decided to resign from her job and follow her passion. It was at that time when she thought seriously about cooking. She enrolled herself for a cooking course in Paris. After acquiring the skills from Le Cordon Bleu she decided to be a chef. In 2010, Rachel got a deal to publish cook books.

She wrote two books which were primarily in French. The name of the book as translated in English was Muesli and Granola. The name of the second book was Sweet and Savory Pates. She managed to sell over 120 thousand copies of the books that she published. It was also found in the best seller section of all book stores. Rachel then decided to start with a restaurant in Paris. The name of the restaurant was ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’. It wasn’t a big restaurant but it was highly popular and it was able to maintain the exclusivity because it used to serve only two people at a time. The same name was given to her first TV show. It is known that her show was broadcasted on BBC. The show was aired internationally in 13 languages. She wrote two more books later.

In 2014, she got an opportunity to shoot three more shows. The name of the show was ‘Rachel Kho’s Kitchen Notebook: London’ and ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook’ another series of this show was released in 2015 where cooked in Malaysia and Melbourne. 2016 was again a lucky year for her as she got to work in three shows. The shows are extremely popular among the international audience and they are aired on channels across the globe. The recipes shared on the show are amazing. One of the most popular recipe is baked chicken Dumping.

Rachel also lived in Paris for 8 years and after returning to London in 2014 she announced that she exchanged rings with Robert Wicktorin. The couple decided to tie a knot in 2015. Rachel’s annual salary not public and her net worth is also not public. But she surely leads a royal life.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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