Carl Azuz is a TV anchor of CNN10. He is famous for his ten minutes’ digital news about global news. He is famous for his popular comparison between war of Iraq and a very costly ice cream sundae.

Personal life

He was born in Georgia in 1989. He lived with his parents and siblings in Georgia for most of his childhood. Azuz got his degree in telecommunications arts production from University of Georgia. He does not talk a lot about his parents or childhood.

The same goes for his personal romantic life as well. Azuz is secretive about his dating life. It is not known whether he is married or not. He has not mentioned whether or not he is in a serious relationship. His Twitter account has numerous tweets about Kenziie Ann. Ann has tagged him as husband in one the tweets. Thus, it is assumed that Ann is his wife. Since Ann is not a celebrity and he is not ready to share about his personal life, there is very less chance that we will be able to find out about his personal life in near future.

There are no rumors about any marital fight or divorce. Thus, it is assumed that Azuz and Ann are living peacefully. It is not known whether he has fathered or not. He is not known to have been married or engaged in the past. He was never a part of any affair or celebrity relationship. He never talked about his past girlfriends. Since Ann nor Azuz has not come out to media to talk about their relationship, it is not very clear on whether he is married or not.

He is 27 years old and has talked about his hobbies and interest in charity work. His family life is alone in dark as of now. He was never rumored to be gay. None of his friends nor family have come out to media to share what they know about him. It is not known how and when he met Ann. Their dating life and marriage details are not known to media too.


Carl is currently an anchor in CNN. He started as a writer for the program and moved up to package producer and then, the reporter. He is famous for covering Iraq War. He also performs anchoring duties in CNN Newsroom as a contributor. He has participated in many public speaking events, workshops, charity events, graduation ceremonies and others. He has worked as associate producer for CNN International in the past. Unlike his personal life, he is pretty open about his financial status. He has shared about salary and net worth details to media without any hesitation. His annual salary is 200 thousand dollars and has net worth of 2 million dollars. He is a part of many charity organizations.

His future plans in career are not known to media. His past careers before working in CNN is not known to media. He has never shared about his milestones and goals of career life. Thus, it is assumed that there is very little chance to find any huge change in his career path.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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