Stuart Varney was born on 7 July 1948. He was born in Derbyshire in England, United Kingdom. Stuart graduated from London School of Economics, which is one of the best institute in the world.

Stuart moved to United States of America in 1974. He had been married to Deborah Varney in 1993 and had a wonderful life. But in 2014 it was revealed that his wife, Deborah Varney filled a divorce case against him. This was after 21 years of his marriage. Apparently, his wife was not happy and accused Stuart of cheating on her with a lady in Florida.  Deborah claimed that the name of lady whom Stuart had been dating for past 9 years was, Jennifer Shibley. It is also reported the Stuart went on various international vacations with Jennifer. Indeed, Stuarts strained relationship with his wife, Deborah ended on a sad note. In later years, Stuart did feel sad about separating from Deborah but it was too late.

Stuart had six children from his marriage and it was recently reported that his daughter Jill was awarded with 25,000 US Dollars in a show ‘Hotel Showcase’, which was aired on Travel Channel. Jill had been married and is reported to have 5 children. This makes Stuart, a grandfather to 7 children in total. All his children are doing well in life.

Stuart’s first step in journalism was through Radio Hong Kong where he worked as a reporter and later Stuart joined KOFY – TV. Exact years of his service are not known but after working for KOFY – TV, Stuart joined CNN. Stuart hosted a variety of shows for CNN. Some of the shows were Business Asia and Business Day. He also co-hosted Money line while he was working with CNN.

Stuart resigned from CNN in 2001 and joined CNBC the same year. While working with CNBC he got an opportunity to host ‘Wall Street Journal Editorial Board with Stuart Varney.’ His background in economics helped him attain success in this show. He was indeed hardworking and had a deep desire to grow. He left CNBC in 2004

Later in early 2004 Stuart joined Fox News. He worked there for another 3 years before joining FOX Business Network. He is still associated with Fox Business Network and he is doing really well. At present Stuart appears in two shows regularly, both being aired on Fox Business Network. One of the show is ‘Varney and Co’ and the second show is ‘Cashin In’. As the name suggests, Cashin In is about stock trade investment program.

In 2013, Stuart delivered an inappropriate remark about ‘Pope Francis’. The remark resulted in a major controversy as Pope Francis is a highly respected figure. Stuarts comment was about capitalism and the wealth gap which didn’t go well with people. Stuart’s annual salary is estimated to be around 608 thousand US Dollars annually and his net worth is estimated to be around 10 million US dollars. He surely leads a royal life.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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