Nick Robinson was born on 22 march 1995 in Washington, USA. He had four other siblings. He also has two half-brothers from his father's first marriage. His mother's name is Denise Ponder. He did his schooling from Campbell Hall School. He was very talented sine his childhood. He has always been supported by his parents. He did very well in his studies as well as he played sports mostly football. He started doing acting at a very young.

His first role was an age of just 11 years when he was in elementary school. His first role was in a stage show for the very famous play A Christmas Carol. He caught the eye of many veins in that role as he was very expressive and timed his dialogues in a very well rehearsed manner. He has been working so heard of managing both his education as well as career.

In 2008 he met a scout that took him further in her career. He moved to Los Angeles in search of roles. In 2009 he got the role of a teen kid in the famous TV series Melissa and Joey. He was soon seen as a very talented actor and roles started to come his way as he progressed toward the later half of his youth career. In the year 2011, he starred in the Disney film called Shake It Up. This was a teen show in which he played the role of Jake Logan. The very next year he got the role in a movie called The Kings of Summer. This is a comedy movie and this was his first full-fledged movie that he starred in. He later got a role in the TV series Boardwalk Empire which aired on HBO. In 2012 he did a comedy series called the Frenemies.

His biggest role hover came in the movie Jurrasic World which he started shooting or in the year 2013. This movie was a very highly anticipated movie as the other 3 prequels to the movie were very big hits all over the world. This movie was released in 2015 and took the whole world by storm. It broke the record of most of the previous movies as the storyline and CGI were very good.  Nick Robinson was praised for his acting in the movie and has now become very well known all over the world. He is currently working on a movie called Krystal. This is a comedy movie and is expected to release in 2017. He is also doing another movie called Everything Everything which is expected to be release in the later part of the nxt year.

Being of a young age he is very active on social media. His page can be found on almost all of the famous social media platforms. He posts pictures on his Instagram page on a regular basis. He is also known to tweet a lot. He has a very high fan following on the social media. There is very fewer data available on his personal life. His biography can be read on Wikipedia. There is no data available on his net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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