Hans Matheson was born on 7 august 1975 in Stornoway, Scottland. His current age is 41 years. His father's name is Iain who is a professional musician and painter and his mother's name is Sheena who is a therapist. He also had a younger brother William who died a few years ago. He was an actor as well. Being from a family of artists he was inclined toward art since his childhood. He wanted to be a singer as his father and often accompanied his father to music shows. He learned to play different instruments from his father. For his schooling, he went to a nearby school and was homeschooled for the most part of his childhood. He doesn't have nay other siblings. He has had a very decent education at his home.s

He did his debut from the movie Mojo. In this movie, he played the role of Je Butterworth. This movie was a low budget movie but did very well in terms of box office collection. He started to get more roles along the way as people got to know about his acting. The very net year he appeared in the movie Stells Does Tricks in which he played the role of a male prostitute. His character was addicted to drugs and faced many problems throughout his journey which is portrayed brilliantly in the movie. The next movie that he starred in was Still Crazy. This movie didn't do very well in the cinema and was quickly forgotten by the viewers.

His next movie which was a big hit was called Bodywork. In this movie, Hans did a lot of hard work and improved his acting drastically. The biggest movie, however, to be featured in by Hans is 300. This is a very high budget movie which was directed by very famous Hollywood director Zack Snyder. In this movie, e played the role of Aeschylus which was a man in the army. This movie features the likes of Gerard Butler and Lena Headley along with Micahel Fassbender. In 2010 he did the movie Clash of the Titans. This is a historic movie and for this role, he had to build his body and learn sword fighting.

There is very fewer data available on his personal life. He is known to be married to his longtime girlfriend although her name is not known. He is currently having a very wonderful life with his wife and a son that she gave birth to a few years ago. He has once told in his interviews that he owes everything to his family and they have been always supportive of his career. He also supported the BREXIT and said that it was a necessary evil that was needed to be done in order to keep the UK safe. He has quite a big following on the social media. He can be followed on Twitter as well as Instagram. He often posts pictures of beautiful Scotland on his Instagram page. His biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as IMDB.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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