Carol Hagen-Holt has grown to fame as a result of being married to Lester Holt, a celebrated NBS anchor, since 1982. Carol’s husband, Lester, was the first to moderate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential debate. In addition, he occasionally appears on Today and hosts NBC’s Dateline. The couple has two children.

Personal Life

Carol husband’s fame has in the long haul caused her to enjoy being in the limelight to some extent. She doesn’t harbor pride despite having a $12 million net worth and a husband who is chased by paparazzi all the time. Instead, she tries not to grow any egos and strives to ‘lay low’. Although she’s 58 years, Carol looks very young and the revelation of her biological age always comes as a shocker to most people. According to her, healthy routine and good dieting regimens are the main reasons and contributory factors to her well-maintained personality. As a child, most people defined her as a great human with God-given characters.

However, her biography doesn’t offer much about her education background although she looks literate. The readily available information in the public domain is that of her husband’s wonderful career as well as his fame but Carol’s career details remain anonymous. Over the years, her husband has made many endeavors in terms of pushing his career to higher dimensions. As a result, he has worked for a number of huge shows and huge networks including WCBS-TV and WBBM-TV.

Since 1982, Lester’s marriage has withstood the test of time and proves a success in years to come. There are no signs of divorce in their marital life, which is 34 years now, as their relationship grows very strong, with the passage of time. According to these love birds, mutual understanding and trust are the fundamentals of such a strong relationship. Also, they tend to laugh a lot. Carol’s nuclear family comprises of four including their two children Cameron and Stefan. She pays utmost attention and care towards her children as she sees them as her family’s integral members. There is neither news nor rumors of her involvement in extra marital affairs as well as having any boyfriend following her marriage. Her competent managerial skill of her husband’s income allows them to live their dream.


Hagen is a state authorized real estate salesperson. She based her business in New York for convenience since her husband tends to work in the same area – as NBC’s anchor. They have relocated severally (for example, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.) as a result of her husband’s occupational mobility. Judging from her Town Real Estate profile, Carol has specialized in maximizing her clients’ resale potential as well as helping them relocate. In addition to that, Hagen was employed in sales and management as well as in the travel industry. Her extensive experience brought about by working with people closely has enabled her to become an exceptional listener obsessed by the idea of taking extensive care in understanding clients’ diverse needs.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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