Lauren was born on 5 December 1984 in California. Her mother is of African-American ethnicity and her father is white Jewish American. She attended Palisades High School and later on she was home schooled. Since in later years she was home schooled, she got a lot of time to appear in auditions for music videos etc.

When Lauren was 15, she met Lil Wayne and ended up dating her. She never married him but they were in a long relationship which eventually failed. She broke up with her boyfriend in January 2009. Lauren also gave birth to Wayne’s child and name him Cameron Lennox Carter. Baby boy was born on 9 September 2009. Lauren always said that her partner was lovable and intelligent. She said that she will always be friends with her son’s father.

It’s said that Lauren prefers to keep her profile low and is quite secretive as it was almost 7 years before she published the first picture of her son, Cameron. Since last 3 years, her partner is the famous rapper Nipsey Hussle. She proved again that she is secretive as she kept the news of her pregnancy hidden from public for a long time. In September 2016 she gave birth to another baby boy. Neither did Nipsey spoke to media about Lauren’s pregnancy nor did Lauren herself shared the news.

Lauren worked hard in her professional life and she did a lot of music videos for some of the famous artists and rappers like Snoop Dogg and Tyrese. 2006 proved to be a lucky year for Lauren London as it was in 2006 when Lauren got quick fame after appearing in one of the episode of the sitcom known as ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. The episode was aired by the name ‘Everybody Hates Funeral’. Lauren London also signed her first film in 2006. She made her debut in film industry with ‘ATL’ which is an American Drama Film. The film made whooping 21.2 Million US Dollars in box office.

For her role in ATL, London was also nominated for Black Reel Award in 2006 under the category ‘Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role’. Alas she did not get the award. In 2008, Lauren London got a role in the TV Series 90210 which was again a huge success. With her gaining popularity, Lauren got a role in another movie in 2009. The name of the action comedy was ‘Next Day Air’. 2009 was again a lucky year for her as she worked in another movie that year. Her role in ‘I love you Beth Cooper’ was widely appreciated.

Since then London took several shows like Single Ladies aired at VH1, Sixth season of ‘The Game’ and ‘Baggage Claim’. She was signed for three seasons of the sitcom ‘The Game’. Her most recent movie is a romantic comedy movie, ‘The Perfect Match’. The film earned 10.4 Million Dollars through box office collections. Lauren’s net worth is estimated to be around 6 Million Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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