Joe Kernen is a CNBC news anchor and was born as Joseph Richard Kernen. He is the current host of Squak Box of CNBC. He has been nicknamed The Kahuna. He started to work at CNBC in the year 1991 and it was under Financial News Network and it was after working for FNN for 10 years when he was a stockbroker. Kernen grew up in Western Hills section of the Cincinnati in Ohio and he graduated in St Xavier High school in the year 1974.

He has a degree of bachelor from University of Colorado and he got a master’s degree in the Molecular biology of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he was working for cancer research. He got married to a former commodity trader called Penelope Scott born in the short Hills in New Jersey. They met when they were both working CNBC in the year 1996 and they got married in the year 1998 at a Golf Course.

Their wedding was golf themed and they got married t 18th tee in Four Season Kona Hualalai. The wedding got performed by a Hawaiian guy and Joe did not understand what he was saying. Joe Kernen is avid golfer and he was once a finalist at Baltustrol club’s championship. When he is not with his wife and children, then he spends his time while golfing. Together with Penelope, they played golf in the morning of the wedding and the day that followed the wedding and it is said that it is the best marriage and honeymoon they were able to think of. The two has two children.

Joe Kernen is author of the book: Your Teacher Said What?!: Defending Our Kids from Liberal Assault on Capitalism and it was with his daughter Blake who was in 5th grade by that time. During the fiscal cliff crisis of 2012, Joe Kernen started Rise Above campaign at CNBC and it was to put the congress under pressure so that they can cut their spending. In 2014, while on the on-air interview, he asked Martin Shanahan who is a chief executive of IDA Ireland why Ireland was not using a pound sterling and if Scotland and Ireland was not One Island. Irish Times had to chide Kernan since it was as if he thought that Ireland was a part of UK.

From his biography, Joe Kernen had bagged some acting credentials. He starred in Too Big To Fail movie in 2011 and in The Apprentice, a TV reality series in 2004. He got his nickname, the Kahuna because of his audacious and direct commenting techniques but this is the technique that brings some controversies sometime. He has been criticized to have sometime right wing ideas while he had also been labeled as bewildered. His net worth is estimated to be 14 million dollars while his salary is believed to be 22 million per year. His house is the childhood home of his wife that has been modernized.

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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