Julie Stewart was born in the year 1964, in November and she is a Canadian stage, film, voice, television actress and a director. Julie Stewart likes to keep her wedding, married life and her husband private. She does not like to talk about children. She is well known for the role she had as Sgt Ali McCormick from the CTV television series called Cold Squad.

Julie was born in the city of Kingston in Ontario and she studied acting at National Theatre School in Canada of Montreal. She got married to Jamie Stanley who is a sound and music producer and she made her home in Toronto. The first job she took was with Thousand Island Playhouse in the year 1983 in the Arms and The Man. For the television debut, she played in CBC Miniseries called Chasing Rainbow where she was Puala Ashley. She had a recurring role in the North of 60 where she was Rosemary Fletcher and in the Border where she was Terri Knight-Kessler. Her film roles were Florence with Snow Cake and Rush in the Still Mine. Besides the role she had in the Cold Squad, she was also a director for some of its episodes, The Nanny, Back in the day and in Mr Bad Example.

For stage credit, she was in The Shaw Festival, Pygmation, Poor Super Man, The Little years, True Love Lies, UP they flow. Others are The Blonde, The Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead among others.From her biography, Julie Stewart got Gemini Award nomination eight times and she won the Best Performance by actress in the Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. This was in 2002 for the role she has in Cold Squad as Sgt Ali McCormick. For this role, she got a Leo Award Nomination as the Best Lead Performance of a Female in a Dramatic Series and she won this award in 2003.

Julie Stewart is well known for the Cold Squad TV series and she won many awards for it while she also directed some of its episodes. Cold squad is a police procedure TV series in Canada and it premiered at CTV in January in 1998 while it ran for 7 seasons. The leading role was of Sergeant Ali McCormick played by Julie Stewart. It was a team of the homicide detectives of Vancouver Police Department and they were reopening long and unsolved old case while using psychological profiling and latest forensic technology in order to help them to get to the answer. The series has been created under Matt MacLeod, Julia Keatley and Philip Keatley while it was being produced under Keatley MacLeod Proudciton with Alliance Atlantis together with CTV television network together with Canadian Television Fund. The Cold Squad was the first prime time series that were produced away of Vancouver.

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