Johnny Lozada Correa was born on December 21, 1967 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. His parents were Ramon Lozada and Aracelis Correa. He was raised alone with no siblings. Since his early years he has been interested in music, so in the 1979 he got a chance to show his talent to the world. He became boys band member of Menudo. He was in the group during four years from 1979-1983. His lyrics and music were very emotional and during these years he released singles like "Clara", "Mi Banda Toca Rock", and "Senora Mia".

He was involved in the recording process of such albums like “Fuego”, “Por Amor” and “Mas, Mucho Mas”. After his short career in the Menudo band he decided to create his own band. He was a sixteen years old when he founded the new music project “Proyecto M” alongside with his friends Rene Farrait and Xavier Serbia. In fact, Rene was a former member of Menudo too. In the 1988 his band appeared in the TV series “Alba marina”. At the same time he also recorded and released two solo albums “Invítame” and “Johnny”. Later he was awarded by the Best Latin Pop Album at the 27th Grammy Awards.

When his group Proyecto M was disbanded, he tried himself as an actor in several TV series. He appeared in the TV series “Silver Spoons” as Johnny. The next project was a television project “Senora Tentacion” in the 1995. In the 1998 he and other former members of Menudo band get together for a concert “El Reencuentro”. It was a successful experience for all of band mates so they decided to make a tour all over Latin America and United States. Johnny and his new reconstituted group were on tour until 2015 when he left. In the 2001 he appeared in the role of Johnny Trinidad in the drama series “Amigas y rivales”.

He joined show “Sal y Pimienta” in the 2010 as a commentator. It was a gossip show, which was unsuccessful and later Johnny left. In the 2012 he became the host of popular television project “¡Despierta América!”. In the same year he also joined the cast of “Confesiones del Pene”. In the 2013 he participated in the fourth season of the Mira Quien Baila dance competition on the Univision Channel. In November of the same year he became a winner of the fourth season. After his breakthrough time in the dance show he got a 50 thousand dollar prize and donated it to the Habitat for Humanity International organization. He is also playing in the theater and continuing his acting career as well as a musician.

He is married to Sandra Melendez. His wife is a sister of his band mates Carlos, Oscar and Ricky. The couple is blessed with three children together: Natalia, Thalía, and Jahn Gabriel. Johnny and Sandy also has an adopted son, who was named Felipe. Currently he resides with family in his own house. His total net worth is about 2 million dollars.

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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