Jordan Belfi is a famous and successful American actor. He is well known for his small but important roles as Nick in the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy and Beau Randolph in the crime comedy drama television series Castle which aired on the ABC network.


Jordan Christopher Belfi was born on November 30, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. He got his college education and graduated from Wesleyan University in 2000. At the end of his college stint, he was able to leave school with a Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies.

Belfi has always dreamt that he would become an actor. His family supported him and helped him to make the dream come true. They encouraged him and pushed to follow his own journey.

Jordan gave Runway Live a quick breakdown on when and where he started to learn the craft of acting,”I started acting when I was about 11. I was obsessed with cinema. My parents were very supportive when I wanted to try to begin working professionally. They knew early on this was what I wanted to do. I never took any classes or studied with any acting coach in particular. I was just always in love with movies. I was engrossed with storytelling. I just developed a natural sense of the way you can tell stories.”

He had heroes before he started acting that motivated him to get into the business, “I get inspiration and influence from a multitude of people. I have always admired Gary Oldman. He morphs into each character he plays and is almost unrecognizable role to role. I really admire that. One of my favorite films of all time is “The Professional”. It has everything in it that I love about movies – moving drama, visual style, action, moments of comedy, richly drawn characters and relationships, and remarkable performances.”

Acting Career

His acting career started in 1990 with many small roles. The valuable experience led to him being offered notable characters to play on popular television programs as well as several film roles. Jordan had a great physique for an acting career because he stands tall with a height of 6 feet. Even without his acting ability, he had a strong presence that demanded the attention of viewers.

One of the most beloved roles that his fans know him for is for his work on HBO's comedy-drama television series Entourage which  was created by Doug Ellin. On the popular show, he played agent Adam Davies who was the nemesis of Ari Gold. Ari Gold played the loudmouth agent of the lead actor on the show. On the series, Davies betrays Ari at his old agency, giving away Ari's secret effort to build his own firm. Belfi appears semi-regularly over season 1 and season 2. He wasn’t featured much after but he made a single appearance in Season 3 and 2 appearances in season 5.


Another important role for Jordan was on Ten Inch Hero which was completed in 2007. The film was directed by David Mackay and written by Betsy Morris. He also had a recurring guest star role in the CBS series Moonlight, an American paranormal romance television drama created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson, starring as the female lead's boyfriend. Belfi played a murder victim on the popular show Castle. Interestingly, the two shows shared a set; the loft apartment used for Mick's apartment in Moonlight was also used for Castle's apartment.

When asked by Runway Live about his most memorable moment in his acting career, Jordan said, “Playing opposite Bruce Willis in “Surrogates” was a defining moment in my career. He’s someone I grew up watching, so as I worked with him I had to momentarily step back, take note, and sincerely appreciate the point I had reached. When you’re a kid and you’re in love with movies, Hollywood seems like a surreal, far-away world. If you had told the 10 year old me that was watching ‘Die Hard’ that I would one day be acting with Bruce Willis, I don’t know if I would have believed you.”

Belfi also appeared briefly in the Gilmore Girls Season 5 episode called "The Party's Over". He also guest starred on police procedural television series Hawaii Five-0 as Spenser Owens in Season 1 Episode 14 entitled "He Kane Hewa' Ole." In 2012, he guest starred on two episodes of ABC’s medical drama television Grey's Anatomy as Nick, a friend of Arizona's late brother, during season 8.

Personal Life

As for Jordan Belfi’s personal life, there is no public information available  about his romantic relationships or family. There are rumors that Jordan is gay because much of his dating history and affair information are unknown to the media and he is not often seen with any woman in the public. He has neither accepted the rumor nor denied it.

It is unknown if he is married or has a wife. There are no report of any children in his life. He tries to protect his privacy from annoying journalists. The actor does not want his personal life to become a target for the mass media. Even though he is a public figure, he has done a great job of keeping the private facts of life away from the media. He enjoys interacting with his fans but he doesn’t really care much for the media. He thinks that they spend too much time with useless knowledge about celebrities instead of talking about the the creative and artistic aspects of an entertainer.

Jordan Belfi does not shy away from his legion of fans. He can be found within the social networking sites easily. He has a lot of followers and supporters all over the world. He updates his personal account on Twitter dailys and tweets about his life. He also share his thoughts and ideas on his feed with his fans. He also uses Instagram and Facebook where he interacts gladly with fans. His net worth is about $5 million but his salary details are not available to the public.

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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