Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman was born in the year 1958 and he is an author, musician, filmmaker and actor of English nationality. He appeared in different television, film and theatre. He is known because of the big acting style and for on-screen diversity.

Oldman started his career in the year 1979 when he was in the Meantime movie. He continued with a theater career that helped him to get many awards. He was the member of Royal Shakespeare Company and performed in Sid and Nancy, Joe Orton, Hamlet, The Country Wife, Saved, Entertaining Mr Sloane and The Massacre at Paris. He played as a gangster in the State of Grace and Count Dracula for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It earned him the Saturn Award in the Best actor category.

Gary Oldman played as antagonist for the True Romance, Air Force One, The Contender and the Fifth Element. This is for which he got the Screen Actors guild Award. He played as Sirius Black for Harry Potter Series, he was James Gordon for The Dark Knight Trilogy: Lord Shen in the Kung Fu Panda 2 and he was George Smiley for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Besides acting, Oldman had written and then directed the Nil by Mouth which won a BAFTA Award and was nominated for Palme D’Or. He has a guest appearance for Friends and featured in the music video of David Bowie, Annie Lennox and Guns N Rose. He was a voice for Call of Duty video game for Viktor Reznov.

From biography, Gary Oldman was born in the city of New Cross in London. He is the son of the Leonard Bertram Oldman who was a former sailor and worked as welder and for Kathleen Cheriton. The father was alcoholic and left his family when Gary Oldman was only seven years old. He went to West Greenwish School and left the school when he was 16 so that he can work at the sports shop.

He played as pianist when he was a child and afterwards he become a singer and then gave up the musical aspiration in order to pursue the acting career when he saw the performance of Malcolm MacDowell in The Raging Moon. While growing up, Gary Oldman supported the local football club named Millwall and he was following up Manchester United where he wanted to be with his idol George Best.

Gary Oldman attended the Young People Theatre of Greenwich in the year 1970s and he was working in different jobs like beheading the pig, selling shoes and operating theater. Afterwards he attended Sidcup at Rose Bruford College.

When it comes to his personal life, Gary Oldman moved to live in Los Angeles in the year 1990s. He had been married up to five times and all ended in divorce. The first wife was Lesley Manville. He has 3 children. Gary Oldman was in controversy when he was arrested for drunk driving. His net worth is 40 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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