Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a popular producer and actor. He is popular throughout the world for his famous roles on the television. He has also made appearances in many of the television series.

Harrison Ford was born in the year 1942 on July 13th. He was born in Illinois in the United States. His mother, Dorothy, was a radio actress and his father Christopher Ford, worked as an executive of the advertising industry. He had a mixed culture as his grandparents belonged from German and Irish descent. He has also received the Jewish culture from his maternal grandparents.

However, he had the influence of Russian, Jewish and Irish Catholic when he was growing up period. As a child, he attended the Boy Scouts of America where he held the second highest rank. He received schooling from the Maine East High School in Illinois. He was a great sports enthusiast and joined the sports team of his school as a senior player. After finishing his high school education, he went to the Ripon College which was situated in Wisconsin.

He pursued a major in Philosophy in the university. When he was in the senior class, he attended the drama class to take the training as an actor. He was very shy as a drama artist and due to this, it took him a lot of time to learn the acting. Though he learned everything late, he learned very well. He developed a strong passion towards acting by the end of the session learning.

While he was learning, he was also engaged with the Belfry Players. As he was still not getting any scope in acting, he wanted to take a job as a radio voice artist. He was giving auditions and was offered by the Columbia Pictures. He signed a contract for a year for the New Talent Program. He was offered supporting roles as written in the contract. His first role was a non-speaking role in the bellhop Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round in the year 1966.

However, the production unit was not very impressed with his acting skills as they had to take many takes for him. Later, he got some minor roles in the film A Time for Killing. He did not get any lead role for a long time. In the year 1967, he was given a major role in one of the western films. In the movies like the Virginian, American Style, Gunsmoke, Kung Fu, The F.B.I., Ironside and Love he did some minor roles.

He appeared in many of the Star Wars sequels like Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Holiday Special and the Empire Strikes Back. In the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he played the role of Han Solo. He has also received a lot of appreciation for his role. When it comes to his personal life, he has married three times and is now living with his third wife Calista Flockhart who is a popular actress. They have also adopted a son whom his wife had adopted before their marriage and his name is Liam.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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