Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is a renowned film producer in the film industry. She has also established herself as a popular actress. She is also a talented theatre actor.

Jessica Chastain was born in the year 1977 on March 24th. She has spent her early childhood years in California. She was born to her teenage parents. She also had two siblings, a brother and two sisters. Her parents were not very responsible and did not take good care of her. She has even said that her birth certificate did not have her father’s name on it as he refused to take her responsibility.

Her parents were very busy with their lives and hardly had any time to take care of her and her siblings. Being the elder daughter of the family, she had to take care of her sister and brother. When her high school life began, it became quite hard for her to balance the life. She had to manage the household chores and take care of her siblings. Besides, she also had educational pressures from her school.

In the year 2003, one of her sister committed a suicide due to drug addiction. After this, her mother took her and her siblings to stay with their step father. However, she developed a strong bond with her step father. He became one of his best friends. She also loved her grandmother very much and spent most of her holidays with her. She used to share all her secrets with both of them.

At the age of seven, when she initially developed a passion towards acting, she told it to both of them. They encouraged her a lot and inspired her to follow her passion. In her school, she used to play with her friends where she always played the role of an actress. She attended the El Camino Fundamental High School. She hardly had any interest towards studies and always posed as an actress.

She had a knack for literature and excelled in the drama classes. She had a love for the dramas of Shakespeare. As her school did not have any facility of drama classes, she used to spend most of her time in the drama classes. Her school did not allow her to pursue graduation as she had minimum percentage of attendance in the school. Thus, she pursued an adult diploma instead of graduation.

After earning her diploma degree, she took an admission in the Sacramento City College in the year 1996. After that, she joined a theatre group. She made her first stage debut as Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet. From this theatre house, she got a chance to give an audition in the Julliard School. She received a scholarship from the institution to fund her acting career. Apart from establishing herself as an actress, she is also a famous model. She also works as a social worker and is also engaged to several NGOs and charities. She is also a supporter of feminism and has also given a number of speeches.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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