Kellen Moore is an American Football player in the USA. He was born on 12th July, 1989 to parents Kris Moore and Tom Moore at Prosser, Washington, USA. He played for the Detroit Lions from 2012-2014 and the DallasCowboys from 2015- present, in the National Football League or NFL. He plays as a Quarterback and he also holds an all-time record for a quarterback in terms of wins in the NCAA Division IFootball Bowl Subdivision. His win record is 50-3.

Moore’s father, Tom was the coaching head of the Prosser High School team where Kellen played and Kellen’s inspiration to play football was largely due to his father. The number of league titles won by Kellen during this time is 21. His brother, Kirby Moore is also a good football player and Kellen practiced playing football with his brother. In college, he represented Boise State in 2008. Among numerous titles and awards won by him, one of the most important was winning the Player of The Year Award from Gatorade. Moore holds a number of career best records while playing for Boise State including the most number of completions and the most number of touchdown passes.

Although Kellen Moore had a shorter stature than most of the football players, yet he showed exceptional talent early in his career. This included being part of a season where the Broncos remained undefeated in the WAC Championships in 2008. He won a number of titles that year. In 2009, the agency College Football News ranked him 37thin the list of best returning players. His excellent form continued throughout 2009 and like the previous year, this year also he won a number of awards and accolades. In 2010 he played a part in the Broncos team winning against Virginia Tech, in a match watched by many. In 2011, due to his prolific form in the preceding years, he was ranked 1st among the top 25 players in the country by Sporting News.

His debut in professional football was low key as he failed to get selected in the draft list for NFL in 2012. However, in March 2015 he got a 2 year contract from the Detroit Lions team but was let off by September 2015. The very next day after he was released, Moore secured a place in the practice team for the Dallas Cowboys side. Moore finally got his breakthrough on 19th December as he was selected in the team to play against the New York Jets.

However, Kellen failed to make the news headlines as the Cowboys were defeated by the Jets. His next match against the Buffalo Bills also resulted in a loss. He holds the record of being the fifth ever quarterback who threw more than 400 yards in the game against Washington Redskins. Moore suffered an injury in 2016 in which his right leg fibula was fractured while training. Moore got married to his wifeJulie Wilson in 2011. They do not have any children till date. Moore has a salary of 760,000 dollars. His net worth at present is 1,420,000 dollars.

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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