Julian Ozanne is known more because of his ex wife Gillian Anderson. The marriage lasted 2 years and he is not known for anything else than being a husband to the celebrity. He was born in the year 1965 and this means that he is around 50 years old. He is of Kenyan nationality while he is also known for his producing and directing skills.

From his biography, he was born in the country of Kenya and he got interested in acting when he was still young. There is no wiki website dedicated to him and he had production and directorial credits that can be recognized in the acting fraternity. However, there is a little information about him and it is said that he was the director of Giorgio Armani: A man for All Seasons in 2000. He had also some stints like a producer and he had produced the Here to Where movie in 2003.

He had also produced This Is Not an Exit: The Fictional World in 2000 of Bret Easton Ellis. Being married to Gillian was one of the reasons why he got more attention. Gillian is beautiful and is considered as bi-sexual since she dated women and men before but she does not agree that she is lesbian. She were known when she acted a Special Agent Dana Scully in X-Files movie and the role she had in The House of Mirth film. She is pretty and the two decided to get married in 2004. Even if he has been known as a director and a producer, his salary and his net worth had not been recorded yet.

His wedding to Gillian Anderson was planned when they were to safari in Kenya and it was delayed for a year. Gillian has been his Girlfriend for a long period and the marriage took place in Shella Island in Lamu at the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya. A 10 year old daughter of Anderson called Piper was their bridesmaid.

Julian Ozanne worked as a documentary filmmaker and a photojournalist and he was a correspondent of London Financial Times. He spent more time in Africa and talked about the oppression of the urban poor of Zimbabwe.

After the Julian Ozanne’s divorce, Gillian Anderson did not agree that his love life has come to the end so she was dating Mark Griffiths but the relationship also ended in 2012. Gillian is already a mother to 3 children and she takes a positive approach to how she lives her life. Her first husband was Clyde Klotz and he was assistant director of The X-files and he is Piper’s father, the first child of Gillian. Her relationship to businessman Mark Griffiths gave him two sons, Oscar who is seven and Felix who is six. She dated a girl while in high school and they stayed in contact even after their split.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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