Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is a household name in America. She is among America’s top theater, television and film writer, activist and actress with a $35 million net worth. Gillian’s name grew widely famous as a result of her role in popular TV shows and movies including as Dana Scully (FBI Special Agent) in The X-Files series.

Apart from her role as an agent in this long-running series (X-Flies), Gillian has as well cast in The House of Mirth in the character of a socialite named ‘Lily Bart’. Based on Anderson’s IMDB profile, she has earned various honors including winning the Screen Actors Guild Award twice and the Golden Globe Award as well as the Primetime Emmy Award


Anderson has three siblings among whom she is the eldest. Her birthplace is Chicago, Illinois. Her father, Homer Edward Anderson, is the owner of a film production company while her mother, Rosemary Alyce, is a skilled computer analyst. Most of Anderson’s childhood was spent in Harringay and Crouch End. However, at some point, Anderson vacated to Grand Rapids from where her life took a nasty turn.

During this time, she indulged in drugs which perhaps lead her to date a very old boyfriend and putting on a punk appearance. Anderson developed an interest in theatre which saw her engage in acting in her teenage years during high school productions. She later progressed on to acting in community theatre.  


Gillian’s acting career took off while she was an amateur actor in high school. During this time, Gillian was in an acting group that engaged in high school productions. In 1987, she thought of elevating her career which, in turn, led her to take an acting programme in New York at the Cornell University. She was subjected to vigorous studies for several weeks under NT greats like Michael Joyce, Bardy Thomas, and Peter Chelsom. After her studies, Gillian returned to Illinois to finish her education at Goodman Theater School.

Her role in The X-Flies brought about her big break. She met Clyde Klotz who then became his husband. Within the first year of being married, Gillian gave birth to Piper Anderson, her daughter, in 1994.  She later divorced and married Julian Ozanne whom she stayed with for four years and divorced again. Her first film was The Turning which then was followed by her starring role in Playing by Heart alongside Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and Ellen Burstyn.

Judging from her social media platforms, Gillian has an unquenchable zeal for animals which causes her to strongly advocate for animal rights. She has been spotted in some PETA ad campaigns modeling thereby raising awareness. However, unlike the typical PETA ads whereby nude models are used in raising awareness, Anderson’s ad does not in any way expose her nudity. In another instance, she featured in a commercial that was Hannibal themed. Apart from her features in various ads, Gillian’s name also hit the airwaves with rumors of her consideration of taking a plastic surgery. She, however, claimed that those were just but rumors. 

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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