Sunny Anderson

Apart from entrepreneurship, Sunny Anderson is a known food caterer. Born in 1975, Sunny is popular for Food Network, a channel which deals with cookery. Sunny’s biography doesn’t clearly explain whether she has appeared in both movies and TV shows or only TV shows. However, her hosting skills have seen her on shows such as Good Morning America, The View, and The Kitchen as well as The Early Show.

Personal Life

Sunny Anderson was raised in Oklahoma together with her older sibling. In comparison to her brother’s age, Sunny is three years younger. Sunny’s love for catering seems to be somehow hereditary, especially since her parents were also food enthusiasts. For her high school education, Anderson was admitted to Madison High School. Apart from being a food caterer, Sunny has as well worked in the United States Air Force. In June, having served excellently in the Force, Sunny was relieved of her duties but in an honorable way – she served as a Senior Airman.

Unlike most celebrity caterers, Sunny’s personal life is kept low profile. As of now, Sunny is neither married to anyone nor has a boyfriend. However, in recent past, the word was that she secretly dated a colleague from Food Network. Sunny was quick to brush off those rumors. Also, while in the Force, Sunny was not romantically associated with any man in the army. Sunny has also slashed rumors of her being bisexual or a lesbian. Clearly, she has devoted her focus and time to building her career life as opposed to indulging in romantic affairs, at the moment.

Sunny has a $5 million net worth with her salary rising over the years as her career comes of age. After her military retirement, Sunny has oriented all her efforts on catering which, in turn, has successfully spread her popularity across the nation over the years. In fact, her American audience knows her more for being a food personality as opposed to working in the military. From Instagram, Sunny’s fans can check out her well-maintained body and tall height. For more on Sunny’s bio, you can check her IMDb and Wikipedia profiles.

Career Life

At age of 26, Sunny Anderson was already a radio personality. She worked at radio stations such as KONO FM and KCJZ. After working for WYLD FM and KUMX as well as WJMZ, Sunny proceeded to work for HOT 97, as a radio personality. After earning a tangible amount, Sunny ventured into the catering business. During this time, Sunny started a company which she named Sunny’s Delicious Dishes. She managed her catering company until when she started a career in Food Network.

In October 2005, Sunny received an opportunity at Food Network which she firmly grabbed. Consequently, Sunny began a series of hosting in TV shows such as Cooking for Real and How’d That Get on My Plate. Apart from editing, Sunny has as well taken part in editorial works. She edited ‘Food and Lifestyle’ for several months for a magazine named Hip Hop Weekly.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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