Carla Gallo grew to fame as a result of her recurring roles in various television series including Californication, Undeclared, Bones, and Carnivale. Moreover, her over-caffeinated college freshman role in Undeclared made her a memorable figure, especially among the campus dorm-rats.

Personal Life

Gallo and her husband are a good example of a happily married celebrity couple. During the Neighbors premier, in April 2014, Gallo could not hide her joy of anticipating a newborn as she made public the information about her 6-month pregnancy. Ever since Gallo learned of her pregnancy, she was extremely jovial as the newborn also meant her her first baby. Unfortunately, Gallo’s biography contains limited information about her educational background apart from her pursuing a degree in Theater at the Cornell University. On completion of her university education, Gallo embarked on a journey of building her career though it was seemingly difficult. With a $2 million net worth, she has successfully made a name in the entertainment scene.


What if you were randomly hand-picked to give a narrative of Gallo’s success story would you? Well, Gallo is one of Bones casting crew (a profound television series). Not only is she goofy and impressionable as she plays Daisey but also plays the love interest and rotating intern role without allowing room for mediocre performance. At times, Daisey is cute and charming making you lust for her while at other times she’s annoying making you desire to smack her. Besides her incredible intelligence, Daisey craves acceptance and she strives to be validated by individuals such as Temperance Brennan. She’s socially awkward, similar to Brennan.

Interestingly, Gallo has also casted as Daisy on Californication. However, while playing this character, Gallo was virtually unrecognizable. Daisy enters the scene as a porn star in the dregs of the industry and one entangled in Charlie Runkle’s life, leading to his marital breakup. She often banged men in motor vehicles while she was being filmed in outrageous situations. Hot guys never crossed her paths, but the Runkle’s type – newbies lacking the “professional skills”. Just like her role in Bones, Daisy seeks acceptance via her thirst for personal validation and love for sex.

It’s surprising how Gallo portrays the two Dais(e)y extremes not only with complete believability but also with such commonality. In these two parts, she shockingly remains virtually unrecognizable, especially to them who are oblivion to the fact that she plays these two roles. Even when she, in an instant, wasn’t dressed or even glamorous, in a room, Gallo could swiftly disguise herself. It is this inner ability to swiftly and untraceably turn into different characters without leaving any glimmers of her previous character that differentiates her acting.

Also, she played Annie in On Men of a Certain Age, a gentle waitress dating Terry Elliot. Unlike in Californication, here, she doesn’t go to the maxims of playing sexy – she remains less vulnerable with far more self-awareness compared to Bones’ Daisey. Annie is the friendly type who neither talks excessively nor seeks attention via sex. Based on how Carla Gallo plays the extremes of these two characters with utmost perfection, many wonder whether these characters are a representation of Gallo’s personality.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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