Nancy Alspaugh is a screenwriter who is famous for being the ex wife of television personality and news anchor, Matt Lauer.


Nancy was born in 1955 and is currently enjoying a golden age phase of her life. She has spent most of her life in the United States and she has often praised the country for its diverse culture and technological advancements.

Career as a Writer

She is provocative and very engaging when she gets down to working on her scripts. She has been a skilled screenwriter for the majority of life and career. She was nominated for two Emmy awards for the categories Best Talk Show and for Outstanding Special Class Writing. She is a dynamic member for Act Today which is a nonrevenue driven association.

She was also an essayist known for various works like Caryl and Marilyn: Genuine Companions, the Bradshaw Distinction, and Leeza. She is known to be a highly versatile creator. A milestone for Nancy began when her companion named Marilyn Kentz chose to create a book known as Not Your Mom's Midlife: A Ten Stage Manual for Fearless Aging. The book and the development are intended to help ladies cooperate to face things that can come in their direction when they are in their midlives.

Marriage with Matt Lauer

She was in a relationship with Matt Lauer and they got got married some months later in 1980. They were deeply in love and wanted to show their lifelong commitment to each other. Matt Lauer was a television writer and he was most famous for being the host of the Today Show on NBC. Their relationship didn’t last long as there were certain differences and conflicting opinions in the marriage.

After eight years of a rocky marriage, they decided to get a divorce in 1988. They tried their best to make things work out but they reached a point where there was no coming back. There were too many bad feelings between each other for the marriage to work. Through the years of marriage, they had built up resentments against each other. Little arguments would spill into huge arguments that ended up being pointless. The only right move was to admit that they were not meant for each other.

She did not get any children from the marriage and after getting the divorce she started focusing on her career more. She felt like the marriage got in the way of her career. The fact that they did not have any children during a long marriage was proof that they weren’t really committed to each other.


Personal Life

Nancy does much charity work and runs a number of non-profit organizations such as Fearless Aging, an organization that helps old people have an independent and happy life. She also educates people about autism and makes them aware of its origin. Nancy felt that it is essential that families that have youngsters with autism can have someone swing by when they require guidance, help, and support while managing the turmoil. She raised more than 200,000 dollars to help needy families that have youngsters who are enduring a mental imbalance such as autism. She is one of the most influential personalities in the screenwriting industry and uses it to help people and raise awareness for Autism.

After her separation from Matt Lauer, she remarried and her second spouse is Perused Jacobson. He is an official for Fox TV. She is a regular twitter user and tweets almost daily. She is also active on Facebook and other social media platforms. Her fans can follow her on those platforms to get updates on her life. Her net worth is estimated to be around $20 million which she has earned through hard work and perseverance. At an old age, she still continues to work and give back to society. She never wants to quit what she’s doing because she is so passionate and wants to wake up every day to face all the challenges that come her way.

Lending a Hand to her Ex Husband

When Matt Lauer got in trouble for a sexual assault case, a lot of people ran away from him. All of his supposed friends hid and did not want to be associated with him. Nancy could have easily condemned him as his ex wife but she chose to be a support of Matt and offer a positive image of him, "While Matt has made mistakes,  it's important for people to "never forget" the "wonderful, generous, kind of him. He is a loving father" to his three kids, Jack, 17, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11, whom he shares with his estranged wife, Annette Roque. Matt has always been a support to his family and loved ones. He has done so much quietly to help others and to support important causes. He donated a tremendous amount to my autism charity, ACT Today. Many people don't know that through all his hard work, he has been able to give back and has made a difference in this world. Matt never did this for the thanks and would like nothing more than to continue to give back to society."

Nancy said that Matt has been trying to get over the controversy and, "be the best father he can be while slowly and humbly returning to the public eye to start again. The Matt that I know will be back working in no time and he is already considering starting his own production company. He has cut himself off, but he wants to be part of the change in this world and he needs to be given a chance. It could be behind or in front of the camera.

Matt has not lost the support of an ex wife which is a good sign for him. At a time when he has a lack of support, he is grateful to have Nancy support him publicly. The world wants to tear him down but he is trying his hardest go be given a second chance.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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