Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele was born in 1969. Alexandra is an American weather reporter currently working for The Weather Channel. She is very famous for her TV career and also her personal life drama controversies.


After graduating from high school, Alexandra began her broadcasting career by working on two radio shows, Good Morning America and PrimeTime Live. In 2009, she started her TV career when went to work for the Weather Channel and co-anchored with Jim Cantore. She was also a meteorologist for CNN during her career in 2010. In 2014, she made a return to her home with the Weather Channel.

Alexandra is respected for her work in the meteorology field. She has an upbeat attitude when she delivers forecasts to viewers. Sometimes the weather girls of news stations can present the forecast in a boring manner. People are drawn to Alexandra because she always likes to give tips during the day when she forecasts the weather. She also likes to share stories about certain places in the country when she does her broadcasts. She isn’t just a weather reporting machine though. She is often heard bantering with her co hosts when she appears on TV. Fans and viewers of her show appreciate her effort to interact with other people on the show because it makes her feel more human to them. When viewers are getting their news in the morning while they eat their breakfast and drink their coffee, they want to be entertained by the people on TV. Alexandra completes the mission of entertaining while informing because of her presenting style. She always has a big bright smile when she makes her TV appearances. She is also very friendly and accommodating when she meets fans in person.

Alexandra and Jim

Alexandra’s personal life was brought to the national spotlight because of a relationship with her co worker. She was said to be in a relationship with her fellow reporter, Jim Cantore. She has a daughter and it was assumed that the girl was Jim’s daughter. Jim was already married when rumors about Alexandra and him surfaced in the media. The clearly ended his marriage with his wife, Tamra Cantore. His wife was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and he had two children with her. The media criticized Jim for doing that to his sick wife. The people on the other side defended Jim because they felt he deserved to find love since his wife was sick and not able to fill his needs. As long as he took care of her health and children, he should be able to find another partner.


Soon after Jim’s divorce with his wife became final, Jim and Alexandra stopped dating. There were rumors that they only announced they stopped dating to get the media off their backs. This added more rumors to the basket. Shortly after, Alexandra became pregnant and took time off from her work for maternity leave. Her pregnancy news was announced in 2008 and she gave birth to her daughter in the same year.

Alexandra and Jim worked together as anchors of the 7 PM Eastern hour of Weather Center on The Weather Channel. There was a spark between the co workers as they enjoyed working with each other and each other’s company. The duo was often spotted making a lot of fun each other during their shoots. They had a flirty vibe and it was obvious to the crew that they got along really well. They were believed to be often close and spending a lot of time together even after only knowing each other for a month. Since they were co workers, they wanted to keep things professional. They did not want the world to criticize them for getting involved with fellow employees. They didn’t want to put pressure on the producers of the show in case the relationship didn’t work out and one of them had to be pushed off the show. They felt the best move would be to keep things quiet and private between themselves.

Some say that Jim just needed a decent reason to get out of his marriage and allowed rumors about him with Alexandra to spread. Since his wife was sick, he wanted a way out but didn’t want to look like a bad person for leaving his wife. If he allowed the rumors to persist with Alexandra without denying them, he could test the idea of him dating again and see how what kind of feedback he would get from people. It was speculated he wanted a divorce because he could not put up with his wife’s medical conditions and his children’s medical conditions that were transmitted from his wife. He once mentioned that he did not know about his wife’s medical condition until his children were born. Even though that was sort of a cruel thing for Jim to say, it represented his reality. He saw his wife’s condition as a burden that he wouldn’t allow to hurt his love life anymore.

Personal Life

Steele takes her personal life privately and does not disclose much intimate and private information with the media. She has a beautiful daughter but the father’s identity is unknown to the public.

It is reported that Alexandra is living with her husband and her daughter. The “husband” has never made an appearance on camera. She never mentioned that she was engaged nor did she mention her wedding news. She took a year off for maternal reasons and this is when the “husband” came into the picture but no one knows his identity. Since he is not a celebrity or a public figure, it has been hard to the media to figure out who he is. Some people speculate that she is actually single without a husband and that the father is no longer in her life.

Some speculate that the father is actually Jim, rumors that Jim has not actually denied. There are rumors that Jim is dating another woman but there hasn’t been any proof to confirm this worm.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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