Kimber Lynn Eastwood

Kimber Lynn Eastwood is a well-known film producer of America and a popular make-up artist.

Personal life

Kimber Lynn Eastwood is the daughter of Clint Eastwood, who has remained at the peak of the Hollywood industry and is still remembered as a legend. So from her childhood days, Kimber have always felt the influence of the industry. She was very popular in her childhood years, due to the last name Eastwood along with her name. The name came with its own perks and opportunities but it also gave her several challenges regarding her career establishments. From childhood, Kimber was always taught by her parents to carry on with a good moral and was always encouraged to keep herself motivated. Even after belonging from the influential family which was ruling the film industry then, Kimber had no intention to get into the career as an actress. Instead, she always had a knack for the back stage activities or film-making processes and management.

It is heard that she has been into several relationships in her life. She was first married to Anthony Gaddie who was a gardener by profession. She also has a son from her this ex-husband named Clinton Eastwood Gaddie. But the marriage did not last long more than six years and ended up in divorce. Though she is also rumoured to be in a relationship with many of her co-workers, there’s no proof of any unruly incident. She is now enjoying her happy married life with her second husband.


Kimber Lynn Eastwood is a known film producer and a professional make-up artist in the industry. She had a hobby of watching over the filming procedures and liked the management done by the crew members of the set or studio. She had fulfilled her dreams and never left her passion, die out. She has remained determined to her work and has achieved the highest position in career, in the industry. She is now a renowned film producer and has marked a new direction with her career path. She has produced such films which has marked a new beginning in the Hollywood film industry. She had taken up a lot of projects and films during the long-run period of her career and each of the films produced, had some innovative features in them. Each of them was of different types and genres and contained her style and the films contained the values which Kimber personally adhered to.

Kimber has also played around with her other passion, which is make-up. She has been the part of many films where she had played the task of senior make-up artist in the back stage of various films, other than producing films. Her net worth is made public, but she is quite successful and thus, is assumed to have a significant net worth! She leads wealthy lifestyle and maintains the pink in her health. She is not simply highly successful in her career but also in her social life.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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