Clint was born on 31 May 1930. He was born in California in United States of America. Name of his father was Clint Eastwood Senior and name of his mother was Ruth Wood. His father passed away in 1970 and it is known that Clint’s mother decided to remarry after the death of her husband. It is also known that Clint has a sibling. Name of his younger sister is Jeanne Bernhardt. It is known that Clint completed his education in United States of America but at the same time it is also known that Clint was not very good academically. It is interesting to know that Clint had also been a part of plane crash but he managed to survive along with the pilot.

Talking about the career, Clint started his career long back in 1950s and it had not been a rose of bed for him. As it is known that he started his career as an actor and he got his first job in Universal Studios. He started with a mere salary of 300 US Dollars a month progressed to what it is today. It is known that later, Clint got a chance to work with CBC and that changed his life. He worked for the esteemed group for almost 7 years. Some of his famous works include, ‘The Bad and the Ugly’ and ‘Unforgiven’. Clint worked in a lot of films because of his growing popularity.

Later after years of experience in the industry, he started as a director and the first movie that he directed was Play Misty for Me. The movie was a hit on box office. He eventually directed a lot of movies and he was even awarded with a lot of awards. Clint also received an award for Unforgiven. He won the award of Best director and Best Picture for Unforgiven. Other Academy Awards that he was honoured with was Memorial Award. Then in 2004 he got an award for Best Director and Best Picture for Million Dollar Baby.

Talking about the personal life of Clint, he married Margaret Johnson in 1952. It is also known that Clint was involved with another lady before getting married to Margaret and he also had a baby with his last partner. The baby was given up for adoption as Clint wanted to marry Margaret. The marriage didn’t last long owing to Clint’s several affair and hence the filed for a divorce in 1984. Later in 1996, Clint decided to marry Dina Ruiz. And with his new wife, he gain had children. It is known that throughout his life, Clint had 8 children out of which 3 are his son and 5 are his daughter. Unofficially, Clint had been involved with 5 different women throughout his lifetime as of now, he is divorced since the year 1995. Clint’s yearly salary is not known and as per the estimate his net worth is around 375 Million US Dollars.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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