Michael was born in 17 May 1984 under the zodiac sign of Taurus. He was born in England. The name of Michael’s father is Gerard Rosenberg who has his roots in America. Michael’s mother is of British ethnicity. It is known that Michael had been fond of music since a very young age. His parents allowed him to leave school at an early age so that he can pursue his passion and career in Music.

Michael started his career at an early age. He used to write songs and work as a chef in his spare time. It is also known that he meet Jamie Catto in 2001 which inspired him to take up music seriously. In 2003, he along with Marcus, Alon and Richard formed a band. The name of the band was Passenger. They released their first album in 2007. The name of the album was Wicked Man’s Rest. It is known that Michael wrote most of the songs in the album. The band had a sad ending as they band members decided to split in 2009. Michael never gave up his stage name ‘Passenger’ even after the split.

Later, Michael started performing solo and he also performed in Australia in the same year. He got instant fame after his performance and he also released a new album by the name of Wide Eyes Blind Love. Michael also got decided to perform in England. Next year in 2010, Michael released another album and the name of the album was Fight of the Crow. The album was widely loved by his audience. In 2013, Michael also appeared in one of the concerts in London which was aired on BBC. The name of the concert was Children in Need. Next year, in 2014, Michael released another album and the title track of the album was called ‘Whispers’. He worked for a lot of social causes and often donated a lot of money to charity. After the release of Whisper II, Michael declared that the profits that would be generated from the album would be donated for the help of children stuck in Liberia.

In 2016, Michael released another album called ‘Young as the Morning, Old as the sea’. Michael was also nominated for several awards like Brit Award in 2013 and Ivor Novello Award in 2014. Until now, he released a total of 8 albums and he performed on 5 tours.

It is also known that Michael is single and there is no information about any of his past relationships either. He is often associated with Michael David Winery which produces some of the best wine but actually, he is nowhere related to Michael David Winery or the Farm Café at Michael David Winery. So the two should not be confused. Michael’s annual salary is 2 Million US Dollars and his net worth is estimated to be 11 Million US Dollars. He is surely a high net worth individual and that can be said because of his success.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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