Kirshnik Khari Ball was born on June 18, 1994 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. His mother is a hairstylist. He was raised in Gwinnstone. He also has relatives Quavious Keyate Marshall and Kiari Kendrell Cephus who are his uncles and mostly known as members of hip hop group Migos “Quavo” and “Offset”. Kirshnik was interested in music from his childhood. He began make his own rhythms sketch and kind of beats when he was at school in the seventh grade.

After he graduated from High school he went into the music seriously. He began his music career in the 2011. He collaborated along with his friends and relatives Quavious and Kiari by taking a part in the 2009 project hip hop band Migos. The group released their debut record “Juug Season” in the end of 2011. They begin trying themselves by making rap music in Atlantic Record. After first music experience Kirshnik decided to make a professional career. At first Kirshnik and his band mates moved to New York City and working in the music-based content company 300 Entertainment.

In the 2013 Kirshnik and Migos gets their breakthrough time when they recorded their song “Versace”. This song became the hit on the radio. And their music video on YouTube site was viewed more than a three million people. Soon that composition became number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The famous Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham is also made a remix of their popular song. At the same year Kirshnik and Migos got a huge level of fame. In some interview Kirshnik said about his success “I just grind for so long time”. During his short yet career he has collaborated with top musicians and rappers such as Robert Kelly, Gucci Mane, Busta Rhymes, Horst Simco.

In the 2014 Kirshnik and the group members were involved in the criminal story in Miami. On March 28, they made a shot from a gun to another car, which was traveling next to them. In the social media was a discussion about the exchange of gunfire between two vans.

In the 2015 Kirshnik and Migos finally released their first album “Yung Rich Nation”. Their songs were also performed along with such a guests like Chris Brown and Young Thug. At the same year Migos left 300 Entertainment records and joined to the QC music. Kirshnik also is working on another project sophomore album “Culture” along with Kanye West and his Good Music imprint in the Def Jam Recordings label. The Migos group is working on their second studio album and there already is a single featuring Lil Wayne, which titled "Fantastic".

Kirshnik is a very private person and does not expose his relationship, regarding his girlfriend and so on. It seems like he is single now. Currently he resides in Atlanta, Georgia and working as rapper in the Quality Control Music which is the independent label in the USA. At the young age Kirshnik has an estimated net worth about four million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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