Gwen Harrison is an American television personality and dancer. She is mostly known as the ex-wife of television host, Chris Harrison She has appeared as a bachelorette on the TV dating show, The Bachelor which was hosted by her ex-husband.


Gwen Harrison was born on January 17 in the middle of 70s. There is no information about her early years, family, and childhood. After high school, she attended Oklahoma City University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Failing In Love

During her college days, she met her soul mate Christopher. After their college graduation, the two decided to live together in Oklahoma City. Chris worked as a sport reporter for the CBS channel and started his path for a big career on television.

Gwen got married to Chris Harrison on November 20, 1993. The couple dated for two years before deciding to tie the knot. Together, they are blessed with two children, Joshua and Taylor. They got their first baby in the 2002 and the second one was born two years later. Gwen said that Chris is a very good father to their children. He pays a lot of attention to his children and also the coach for the soccer teams of Joshua and Taylor.

Gwen and her husband decided to move to California so that Chris could explore his options in the entertainment capital of the world. Chris started his career breakthrough when he got the offer to become the host of dating show “The Bachelor”. Gwen was a big supporter of Christopher and she was always along his side at different public events.

During one of the interviews she gave, she said about her husband “Many people think that he is funny, but they don’t really know him, he is funnier, I think it made him of whom he is now”.

End of A Run

Gwen and Chis decided to get divorced in December of 2012. The couple officially announced their divorce with sad sentiments. On social media Chris explained "Me and my wife started to grow apart and it was a very hard times, we just weren't ready to handle it, unfortunately. We both always were great friends, and these facts helped to us remain amicable after divorcing thing".

They were married for nineteen years before they decided to end it. After his failure in the family department, Chris still continued to appear on television as the love guru and star host of the popular show “Bachelor”.

Personal Life

Gwen is interested in the art of pole dancing and takes dance classes to get him better. She has been working with Passion 4 Pole teacher Chloe Anderson since 2011.

Currently Gwen resides in Los Angeles near Hollywood. There is no information about her new relationships. Her total net worth is not disclosed by any source, but her ex-husband Chris has annual salary of 1.5 million dollars and net worth around 15.5 million dollars. After their divorce, Chris gave half of his assets to Gwen which made things better for the family.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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