Jack Matthew Baran is a social media celebrity. He is famous for his YouTube Channel, thastsojack. He has accrued millions of followers.

Personal life

Jack was born in Connecticut. He has an elder brother, Doug Baran. He was born in 1997 and attended Fairfield Warde High School. He graduated in 2014. In 2015, he openly announced that he is gay in a video, I’m Gay. He has a pretty good income with his social media videos that he has bought a house in Los Angeles in 2015. His net worth is not known to media.

He came out in his channel in 2015 stating that he has been gay for more than five years. Thus, he was gay since his channel started getting popular and he did not come out till 2015. He stated that he is very comfortable with his sexuality now and thus, it is assumed that people around him have accepted him for who he is. He did not mention that he was dating anyone. His previous and current boyfriends are not known to media.

He said that he was happy that gay marriage is legalized in all 50 states. It is believed that someone who is as open as Jack would probably express their dating life if he is in a relationship. Thus, it is assumed that he is currently single. No one has come up to the media and has informed that he is dating Jack and thus, he is considered to be single. Whether he is ready for dating or not is not known to media. He is not seen with anyone in public to be rumored to be his boyfriend.

It is not known whether he is staying with his parents or alone. He has bought a new house and it is assumed that he is living alone. His relationship with his parents before and after coming out in social media is not known to media. It is almost a year from coming out to public and his personal life after coming out is not known to media. He never gives any interview about his personal life to media. He never talked about his childhood. There are no details about his parents, sibling, childhood life, crushes, school life and others. He has not talked about college in his videos and it is assumed that he is not planning to apply as of now.


He started his YouTube channel in 2010. His first video was, Could it be you –H*Wood. He posted it in June 2010. Now, he has 1.4 million viewers in YouTube. He is famous in Twitter, Vine and other social media too. He frequently collaborates with Ricky Dillon and Lohanthony.

He is now a celebrity who uploads lifestyle blog, vlog and others. In 2015, he started AwesomenessTV skit with Paulina Cerrilla. In the same year, he also starred with Jenn McAllister another YouTube personality in a series, First Times with Jack + Jenn. His future plans in terms of his career is not known to media. There is no news that he has applied for any college degree and thus, it is assumed that he wants to continue his career with social media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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