Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt’s name is common for various movies and TV shows. According to IMDb, before pursuing TV and film roles, the November-born American actor showcased his acting abilities in many theatres across America. Most of his film appearances entail playing major supporting roles. With a $4 million net worth, Garret has played in many television roles including ER, Burt Chance, Deadwood, Raising Hope, The 4400, TV Walker, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle and Justified.

Personal Life

Garret Dillahunt’s biography states that he was born in California, precisely in Castro Valley. However, most of the actor’s early childhood was spent in Selah, Washington. Although Garret had two siblings – Eric and Brett – one of his brothers, Eric, passed away in 1981. At this time, Garret’s family was residing in Yakima, Washington. Eric’s death was reportedly as a result of a road accident. With regards to Garret’s education background, he pursued a B.A. in Journalism at the University of Washington. However, Garret also undertook an acting program at the New York University from where he earned a M.F.A in acting.

Garret is married to the gorgeous Michelle Hurd. Garret and Michelle first crossed paths at a theater company named Circle Repertory Theater Company. Having fallen for each other, the love birds got married within no time. Garret’s wife, Michelle, is not only beautiful but also faithful to her marital commitment. As of yet, no controversies have Michelle been associated with regarding any extra-marital affairs or sexual relationships with any celebrities or any man for that matter. Clearly, with no divorce speculations, Michelle is contented with her marriage to Garret.

Details of the couple having any children are anonymous, as of now. However, pictures and posts of Garret and Michelle are widely available on Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, Garret’s lover, Michelle, is both a TV and film actress based in America. Apart from theatre acts, she has been in the film industry for some time. She, at one time, won the Best Supporting Actress in Drama for her role in The Violet Hour including receiving other awards for the film.


Garret Dillahunt’s film and TV roles started after his time on Broadway. He appeared on ABC as well as Showtime during his novice days. With respect to popular TV shows, Garret appeared on NYPD Blue and The X Flies as well as on series such as The 4400 on USA Network and Deadwood: Jack McCall.

During the period 2005-2005, Garret was cast on ER where he played for three seasons as Steve Curtis. This paved the way for roles in films such as Criminal Minds, portraying a serial killer, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Life on NBC, playing Roman Nevikov, and John From Cincinnati, portraying Dr. Michael Smith.

Additionally, he played in the season finale of Burn Notice where he characterized Simon Escher. This role recurred in the preceding seasons.  Dillahunt’s other works include No Country For Old Men, Burning Bright, The Road, The Last House On The Left, Raising Hope and Winter’s Bone.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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