Michael Smith was born on 13 October 1966 in New york, USA. He always liked cooking since his childhood, a trait that he learned from his mother. He had a great admiration for cooking and so he decided to make a career out of it. He studied at the famous Rochester institute of Technology and later did his graduation from Culinary Institute of America which is one of the best culinary institutes in the world. After completing his degree he moved around the world from restaurants to restaurants getting experience and also a taste of different culinary styles. He worked in London for a while and then he moved to South America. He also went to the Caribbean to learn more about their cooking style.

Michael first came to Skye in 2004 supplanting Chef Shirley Spear at the stoves of the prestigious Three Chimneys eatery. He was at the starting of his career at that point in time. For a long time, Michael kept on keeping up and upgrade its notoriety, accomplishing significant basic recognition. He learned and made his way to the top slowly and steadily. He reliably made and advanced dishes that mirrored the eatery's environment, particularly using, however, much of the heavenly Skye and Scottish common larder as could reasonably be expected. He was getting famous with his culinary style. His style of gastronomy enlivened by Scottish convention and established strategies got numerous honors. Among them, The Three Chimneys was named by New York Times sustenance pundit Franck Bruni as one of his main 5 goals on the planet. This was a huge moment for Micheal as he was honoured by a well-respected critic. All the more as of late The Three Chimneys was granted a Michelin star in 2014.

He has been to many of the events in the UK as well as in other parts of the world as he is a very passionate ambassador of the Scottish gastronomy. He has made himself among the first name in this field and is turned everywhere he goes. He has been very frequent to the small screen as he is called upon to judge many cooking shows and also for many interviews. He also writes and reviews different recipes and dishes from around the world. In 2012 Michael spoke to his nation for the third time on BBC's Great British Menu, most outstandingly this time, winning the principle course put at the last meal with his African roused goat tagine.

Michale is currently married to Chastity Wizard after his divorce from his first wife Rachel. He has 4 children, one from his first marriage and 3 from his current marriage. He currently lives in New york with his family and often surprise them on Sunday with songs and self-cooked food. His biography can be read on Wikipedia. He is friends with some of the greatest chefs in the world right now. His net worth is not known although it is expected to be in million given the number of business ventures he has.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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