David Lyons

Born in 1976, David Lyons is both a director and an actor whose fame can be traced back to his previous works in various TV shows and movies including Sea Patrol (2007), Revolution (2012) and Safe Haven (2013). In 2004, while at the age of 28 years, he acquired a Degree in Performing Arts from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Australia.


David’s biography shows that he is a graduate of Yarra Valley Grammar School from where he joined the National Institute of Dramatic Arts to further his education, particularly in acting. Currently, Lyons has no wife, and there are no speculations of him being previously married. However, Lyon’s love life cannot be without a mention of his Canadian girlfriend, Kari Matchett, an actress, and model. They live together with their relationship having withstood the test for over 9 years now. No updates or any public information available as it relates to Lyons siblings. Apart from reading philosophy books, Lyon likes to travel and listening to music. His height is approximately 6’2’’ and has a $3 million net worth.   

Career Life

David Lyons is among Australia’s finest actors whose fame was propelled by his role in two movies: his role in ER – NBC medical drama – as Dr. Simon Brenner as well as Sea Patrol – a police drama by the Nine Network – as Josh Holiday. In addition to that, Lyons played in the Revolution (a movie that is considered a post-apocalyptic drama) as General Sebastian Monroe. By acting as Sebastian Monroe in the Revolutions, Lyons’ role was that of a former sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps working with Matheson’s character – Billy Burke. Having established the Monroe Republic, Sebastian took on its presidency as well as the Militia General with time.   

In 2005, David Lyons was involved in a recurring role. This was in Blue Heelers which was a police drama by Seven Network. Seven Network also offered him a chance to appear in Neighbors – a soap opera – as a guest star not to mention featuring in ER as Simon Brenner in the NBC medical drama. Apart from that, Lyons made a debut appearance in the Owner of a Broken Heart, which is a series which aired in 2008. In the series, Lyons was the credited special guest star. This was shortly followed by the star being incorporated into the main cast.

Lyon also cast in a 2009 TV movie dubbed Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne. Again, he was in the same movie as Julia Roberts named Eat Pray Love, a biographical film where Julia was the star. The film was basically based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiography. Lyon has as well played a titular role in The Cape. This was an NBC superhero drama that was marked by a cancellation of its production having run for only 10 episodes.  The romantic drama Safe Haven came later on in 2013 whereby Lyon cast alongside Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel in the drama film composed from Nicholas Sparks’ novel.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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