Daymond John is a motivational speaker, television personality, investor and entrepreneur of American citizenship. He is the founder, CEO and president for FUBU. He appears on Shark Tank as investor at ABC television series.

In his biography, it is reported that Daymond John grew up in Queens in the neighborhood of Hollis. He was an only child and he was raised by the mother and the grandfather. He went to Bayside High School and in high school and he participated in the program which allowed him working for one week and attending school the other week. He said this is when he got entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from high school, he started the commuter van service.

He started FUBU when he saw wool hats that have their top off and which are tied with the fishing line being sold at 20 dollars. He thought that it is overpriced and he went home and sew 90 hats with his neighbor and they sold these hats at 10 dollars each at the front of New York Coliseum and he was able to make 800 dollars in one day. With the potentiality of the business, together with his mother, they mortgaged the house for 100,000 in order to generate the start-up capital.

He also recruited his friends Keith Perrin and J Alexander Martin in their business and they started to sew FUBU Logo in the hockey Jerseys, T-shirts and Sweatshirts. He asked LL Cool J to wear a FUBU T-shirt for a promotional campaign that filmed for 30 seconds for The Gap. LL Cool J also wore the FUBU hat in commercial and afterwards, Daymond got 300,000 dollars in orders and he was asked to participate in the Macy’s in Las Vegas Fashion Trade show and now the brand is said to be worth 6 billion dollars.

In the year 2009, he joined Shark Tank cast, the show in which together with other business executives listen to everyday people pitching their businesses and decide to invest or not to invest money in the business. He had already invested over 7 million in different project by 2015. Daymond John is a public speaker and he works with different celebrities and brands in order to create more revenues and to do his brand extension. Daymond John is dyslexic and he is author of different books: The Power of the Broke, The Brand Within and Display of Power. He likes to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich.

It is not clear if he is married yet, but he got engaged to his future wife on the set of the shark. The engagement ring is a custom-designed emerald cut diamond ring of 9.5 carat. They have already a daughter together. However, Daymond John had already a family with his ex wife and had two daughters called Destiny and Yasmeen. His third child is Minka. His net worth is 250 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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