Jessica Monty is a former yoga instructor that is famous for being the ex-wife of actor Pablo Schreiber from the popular Netflix show, “Orange is the New Black”. She became a known figure because of the drama involving around the divorce between the two.

Marriage and Divorce With a Television Star

Monty was a Yoga instructor when she met Pablo. Monty and Pablo got married in 2007 and they now two sons together. Their younger son was not even two years old when they got separated. The divorce reason was stated as irreconcilable differences. It is said that Pablo’s rising fame as an actor was the first reason. Since he is gained more popularity with the show, he did not want to be held back in a traditional family life. He wanted to spread his wings and explore what life had to offer since he felt like he was on top of the world.

There were things that were not available to him when he was just a low level actor. Those unavailable things were now at his fingertips. There were many things on his bucket list that he now wanted to cross off like traveling to different countries. He was also tempted by the extra female he was getting as the star of a popular show that has a lot of female viewers.

Some say that since he could not spend enough time with his family, Monty decided to end things with him. There was no sign of any affair, domestic violence or marital problems that rose up in the media.

Even before the divorce was finalized, Pablo started dating another woman named Karina Smirnoff. They were seen a lot together in public and were photographed being very affectionate towards each other. There was no doubt that they were romantically involved with each other.

Monty was the one who initiated the divorce. She demanded full custody of the children and also a reasonable spousal support so that she could raise their children without any stress. Later during the divorce proceedings, she agreed on sharing custody of her children with Pablo. After two years of struggle and discomfort with the divorce case, the couple got officially divorced in 2015.

The divorce was in favor of Monty as there was no signed prenuptial and Monty did not have a regular income. Without a prenuptial, Monty was set to receive a large amount of money from Pablo. Prenuptials are used to protect couples from losing half their assets. Some people see prenuptials as a form of distrust. They feel that if you really love someone, you wouldn’t need to be protected with a prenuptial. Other logical people feel that a prenuptial is always necessary because you never know what could happen during a marriage. It would be foolish to lose half of your assets when you enter a commitment that does not have a guarantee.

She got half of his Pablo’s income from many of his projects, his residence, and spousal support of $8,500 per month with $93,000 in cash and joint custody of the children.


Yoga Career

Jessica worked as a yoga instructor before getting married to Pablo. After marriage, she stopped working and became a stay at home mother. She wanted to continue working but felt that it was more important that her children had one of their parents stay at home with them at all times.

Since Pablo had to leave the home for long periods of time, it didn’t make sense to her to also be working. She did not want her parents to be raised by a nanny. She wanted their kids to develop a connection with them. Her insistence in spending more time with the children was a major factor in her divorce from Pablo because he was not able to adapt to her ideal family life.

Life After the Divorce

Monty is content with sharing custody of her children with Pablo. Pablo has shared a lot of pictures of him with his children on his various social media platforms. He is seen with his new girlfriend as well but Monty does not seem to have moved on as quickly as Pablo. Monty is not known to be dating anyone but she is still said to be happy with the divorce.

She left the limelight and public eye after the divorce became finalized. Since she won the divorce battle, she has a hefty sum of money in her hands. There is no information to whether or not she is working now but it can be assumed that she no longer needs to work because of the amount of money she won from the divorce settlement. She is assumed to be single and not dating because she has not shared any online pictures of any new man in her life. Some media outlets speculate that she might be dating someone who is not a celebrity which would reduce the exposure of their relationship to the media. She may have grown tired of the celebrity life and started to seek men who are not part of the industry.

After the divorce, it can be safely assumed that Monty’s net worth saw a large increase but she did not reveal any of her new financial details to the public. On the opposite spectrum, Pablo was not closed off because he was used to being in the public eye. He shared intimate information about him and his new girlfriend in the media but Monty has no need or desire to share her personal life with media. Pablo did not share information about his relationship with Monty after divorce. They are assumed to have a civil relationship with each other because they share custody of the children.

Her life went away from the media’s attention after the divorce and there is no information about her current career field or status. Since she had a good result from the divorce, it is speculated that she is living a quiet and happy life as she raises her children.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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