Jackie Deangelis

Jackie DeAngelis is a CNBC reporter and also host of Futures Now, an online show of CNBC. She is famous for her in-depth futures market analysis.

Personal life

Jackie has maintained privacy in her personal life. She kept her personal life very away from media. She did not reveal her birth day, parents’ name or other personal information in her biography. She had a twitter account in which she shares pictures about her work life only. She is clearly a workaholic. No one knows about her dating life. She was never seen in public with any men and none came up to media to talk about their relationship with Jackie that would induce any level of rumors.

It is not known whether she is married or in a committed relationship. She has not revealed any information and thus, for long, it is assumed that she is single. Her fans have asked numerous times about her marital status in her Twitter account and she never replied to their question. This arises the rumor about her being secretly married to someone. She has shared many pictures of her with her dog showing that she is a dog person.

The rumors about having a secret husband started to grow as time passed. Since she has not still answered, a lot of people think that she is already married. But, there is no concrete information, which can prove this. She is not seen dating anyone either. This shows that she is not interested in dating either. Her birth year is not known to media just like her childhood and thus, her age cannot be calculated. Some say she is of Spanish descent and has an elder sibling.

There is also a rumor that she wanted to be a model when she was young and then choose reporting as she grew up. None of these were agreed or disagreed by Jackie. Her first job was in 2008 and it took her a long time to land in a decent job after reaching California. It is said that she had a few pretty rough early days after her graduation. It is not known whether she had any small time job before she got her gig. Her biography in CNBC site too does not have any information about her personal life.


She joined Cornell University to get a degree in Asian Studies and History. She got her degree in arts too. Then, she took up Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law. She started working as a technology analyst at Oaktree Capital. In 2008, she started working for CNBC as the director of SPD (Strategic Programming and Development). She was nominated for Emmy Award once. Her net worth and salary are not known to media just like her personal life.

She also has reported for Arab Spring and the impact on markets. She contributes live reports for CNBC now and also focuses on her show, Futures Now. There are many incidents where Jackie has been criticized for her arrogant behavior on-air with the guests. But, these incidents do not seem to hurdle her professional growth. Apart to her TV reporter and host job, she worked with Worldwide Exchange, Jansing and others

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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