Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley is a news anchor and was born in the year 1948. She is among the oldest females who work as TV journalists.  She is from Kalamazoo in Michigan and while she was still young, she was called Candy Alt Crowley. She is now working with cnn like a chief of political correspondent.  When she was still young, the family moved to Missouri but her family kept moving from one place to another as she was growing up. As a young child she did not spend her childhood in one area. She went to Horace Greeley High school while she was still a teen where she completed the schooling. She moved ahead and joined Principia College which is located in Illinois where she did two years of her studies.  She then went to Randolph Macon Woman Colleges and she got a bachelor of Degree of Arts.

When she was at the beginning of the career, she was an assistant in the newsroom at the radio WASH-FM which has a base in the Washington DC.  She had worked as the anchor of Mutual Broadcasting and as White House Correspondent for the Associated Press.  She joined CNN, in the year 1987 and she was replacing Judy Woodruff who was a host of the Inside Politics and the show was replaced by The Situation Room. From that time, she became in charge of anchoring State of the Union which turned to be the political Talk Show now. 

When it comes to her personal life, Candy Crowley was married before until she separated from her husband and now she is single again. She is a mother of two children and they are both sons.  His older son is a neurosurgeon while the younger person is a musician. She has reached to 66 years old and she is an inspiration to different people.  She had a reputation in the Industry.

She is among few TV journalists who won many honors and awards during their career. In the awards she got, it includes Shorenstein Award of 1997, Dirkesen Awards of National Press Foundation of 1999, Broadcaster Awards of Associated Press of 2003, Emmy Award of 2003, Gracie Allen Award of 2004.  She is known as a vegetarian and she also does Transcendental Meditation.  Once she gained too much weight and some of her followers said that she was fat. However, this changed when she started to practice meditation and she was able achieve a successful weight loss program. She is also an avid user of the social media and her fans can follow her on Twitter or facebook.

At some period Candy Crowley worked as a Moderator of a Second Presidential Election debate of Barack Obama with his opponent form Republican called Mitt Romney. She got the praise and criticism since she interjected in the debate about the diplomatic attacks of the US to Benghhazi. She was the first woman to be a moderator after Carole Simpson of the ABC in the year 1992.  She decided to leave CNN in 2014 after working there for 27 years. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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